Best way to unclog milk ducts for Brest feeding


Sarah - posted on 07/21/2015




Nurse on that side first at each feeding until the blockage is cleared. Warm shower or compress and then massage your breast from where you feel the backed up milk towards your nipple. Look at your nipple, if you see any little white bits, try to gently express them out, once the blockage is freed, your milk should flow and you will feel your breast soften.
I had this often on one side and it was very, very painful. Try switching nursing positions so the baby's suckling is pulling the milk in different ways, like point baby's nose toward the blockage and then turn baby the other way. Blockages can be caused by tiny little flecks or big pieces (think cottage cheese size). If your breast is red, hot or you get a fever; you likely have mastitis and need antibiotics. Good Luck!

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