Best ways to get my 2 1/2 year old son used to the idea of having a new brother or sister?

Deana - posted on 05/11/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




Any suggestions on getting my son warmed up to the idea of a younger sibling. He is 2 1/2 and has been the center of attention forever since he is the only young child in the family. He is really good around other babies and seems to be excited about my belly and what I have told him is inside it. Any tips or advice for me? I just don't want him to be jealous and definantly don't want to shock him when I bring the new baby home.


Donna - posted on 05/14/2013




My daughter turned 3 the day before my son was born. All the way through we talked about "her baby brother" and how she would be the big sister and would be able to help mummy and teach her baby brother how to do things. Constantly referring to him as her baby brother rather than the baby has given her almost a sense of ownership you could say and she's very protective of him now! She really adores him!


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Christine - posted on 05/15/2013




We talked to our son about "his baby sister" daily. When it got closer to delivery we let him go to the doctors with us and after that he was always "giving baby sister a check up" He also loved stickers and I would let him put stickers all over my belly, "on baby sister" I think those things helped him bond with and accept her easily into the family. At first he seamed a little hesitant to have anything to do with her, but at least he didn't resent her...just seamed a little shy/timid like he can get. We didn't push him, just let him get used to her after about a month he started showing more interest and by 2 months he was always wanting to "hold" her and play with her. Now we tease him that we are gonna giver her away and he freaks out "I want to keep baby sister!!!" He is 3 1/2 and she is 6 months and they adore each other now. I think they will be close as they get older. : D

User - posted on 05/14/2013




I took my son who turned 2 three months before my second son was born to my doctors appointment. I encouraged him to talk to my belly and feel the baby move. We talked about it everyday, about what he could do with the baby like helping get things, helping daddy feed him (when I pumped lol), making him smile. And we always referred to the baby by name. He was so excited at the end of my pregnancy he was yelling at my belly telling the baby to come out & when he got to my hospital room after I had the baby he came in & said "Mommy! Daddy! Where my Easton baby?" lol

Michelle - posted on 05/11/2013




My oldest was 2.5 when I had my 2nd. We found out what we were having and named him early on. That way we could involve the oldest more and he got used to calling his brother by his name.
When the baby was born we had a small gift for our oldest son and told him it was from his little brother to say thank you for letting him into the family.

They are now 11.5 and 9 and are the best of friends. They now also have a little sister and they are always helping her and looking out for her.

Amy - posted on 05/11/2013




Take him to your dr appointments, have him help pick out the room decor, have him pick out clothes for his new sibling, and if you want allow him to help choose his name.

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