Best working hours for school age full time or part time


Jodi - posted on 04/11/2015




Depends on the age, really. When my kids were in the younger school years, it served me best to work part time, or not at all, because it meant I could be there after school, and I could help out at school, participate in excursions, etc. Also, it is tough in those early years, because kids get sick more easily. Also, think about the school breaks......

As my kids have grown, full time work is something I've been able to consider. My youngest is 10 and she is rarely sick, so I'm not having to juggle that. I also have most of the school holidays off because I am a teacher, so even though I do go in for a few days here and there, I have flexibility on school breaks.


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Lisa - posted on 04/11/2015




Thanks Jodie
Mine are Severn and eight. I'm a newly single parent (about 6months) I'm currently trying to rebuild a future for myself and my children,seems impossible at the moment.
Saving to get a deposit together to move to a smaller house when the rent is so high and need to move closer to my friends in another area for support. I live in an area where my ex partner is from and apart from our mutual friends, I don't really know anyone.
I've accepted a job where the hours are flexible so I can sort of chose to a certain extent. Although like you said sometimes you are financially better off the less you work

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