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I'd like to explain some risks when you mothers reach out for help on sexual abuse of your kids. There is such a thing as systemic abuse. I didn't even learn the name of this syndrome until it had been happening bewilderingly and devastatingly to me for ten years and even then it took a cop to clue me into the tip of the iceberg and I'm here to advise you because it will sink you. Don't go thinking that is just negative thinking until I give you some facts otherwise you can wind up causing exactly what I'm going to warn you about.

We can see posts here of women who thought they had good marriages, that they were lucky they had men who were good fathers and ideal lives. That was me.

When my daughter told me a "tip of the iceberg" incident of sexual assault, just after she turned 15, she was shaking, almost speechless and turned a nasty pale greeny grey, from terror. That I remember clearly. Naturally, being completely ignorant of sex abuse facts and patterns of behavior by predators, I went to him in the next room, asked him what the hell was going on, and he said he thought she was me, in the dark. We were exactly the same size. It was pitch black, early in the morning and I paused and thought his story was the most reasonable explanation. He had hugged her and rubbed his erection up against her. Some people would say this was a clear warning and most others would say it was an easy mistake and to cut the good man some slack. I did. Later I mulled it over though because her reaction and the details of the circumstances didn't make sense. Later I realized for sure he was lying. It wasn't a mistake. It was an opportunistic calculated risk that thrilled him, and he did it while I was in the next room because our life circumstances had changed and he had few other opportunities to be alone with her. She really was telling me the tip of the iceberg. She didn't tell me more, ever, because she has severe aphasia and extreme PTSD that is still very very overpowering for her to this day, 12 years later. Neither she nor I got any help at all and in fact, we got battered viciously by people who should have helped us. On top of it all, they did know a lot more had happened to her and they did know we desperately needed support but.....and here is the clincher......the police went around the entire helping community and told them not to help us, that we were frauds, and they were trying to find out which one of us was lying. They are STILL doing it, 12 years later. I only found out police did this when a police officer finally snitched on police. They had a grand old time hunting, stalking, preying, battering, pressuring, damaging, torturing.....both of us. They took turns and they go through phases of doing it to her and then they turn on me......for years on end. They were and still are extremely sneaky about it like many stalkers and if you don't think cops act like this, then google the Calgary Sun and google police criminally harassing women. You should be able to find it. I think it was front page news in January. Sorry I don't have the link. The truth of that news article is that it is a complete butt covering lie by the police because word has torn around this city that police did this to me and my daughter and their bosses want you all to think that it is my fault that it went on so long because I didn't tell them, but I can prove I didn't know cops were doing this and I did tell them cops were acting strange and at times, a bit hostile and I asked them to look into it. They didn't. I have their records so I know exactly what they did. They increased the abuse on us, and they did it all covertly. As well as that, they made sure no police officer told us and neither did anyone in the community. I was a very visible member of this community and was once very well liked, admired even, respected, trusted and very highly paid in a career in IT. I was a highly in demand specialist. A single mother, an exemplary member of society, my professional circles and my daughter and I were viewed as an example to single mothers at how well you can do, as a single mother. Police stole all of that and a lot more. Let me explain. This isn't rare. I have connected with women all over the US, Canada, UK and Australia that have had this happen to them. It is becoming routine and on top of it all......women are helping them. Women police, women social workers, women doctors, women counsellors. Sex abuse counsellors were the absolute worst. The worst. Let me explain before you go into denial. I was in denial for years even while it was happening to me. I told you, wait, let me explain.

Here's how it works and by "it" I mean systemic abuse. It is much like the abuse that happens to women by one abuser at home.....the exact same slandering, violence, control of finances, sexual assaults, theft and damage of your property, harm to your pets, vandalism to your home.....the worst of the kind of abuse you hear happens between angry controlling men and women who are trying to escape them.....except it is being done by police men......and women who help them cover it up for their approval, promotions and protection from the treatment you are getting. They also incite anyone in the so called "helping" communities such as nurses, paramedics, doctors, counsellors and especially social workers, to lie to cover it up and deny it is happening and a lot worse. They do a lot worse than just blacklist you from support. The things they will tell your child to try to get your child to join them in abusing you, the mother, are vile. If I had not read it myself in black and white in social worker and nurse and counsellor files, I would not believe it and it still seems surreal sometimes, even though I have had it all in black and white for nearly 2 years.

In a nutshell, the community that you run to to get protection for your child and you and support from, when an abuser has damaged you, and is continuing to stalk, criminally harass you, rape your akin to the abusers abuse. You think they are professionals and cannot do that but they do. They have power, they collude and they bully victims mercilessly. They are vicious, cowardly, sadistic and honestly I cannot really seem to ever find enough precise words to explain these people. Again you may say this is bizarre and couldn't possibly happen but it does and it is happening very often. Even the media is covering it up. They know all about it. They do not want to be bullied either. Journalists are keeping their mouths shut and so are lawyers. This enormous group of systemic bullies can turn on anyone and when they do, nobody can withstand them because they are the people that control whether you are believed or not, by the people who are supposed to support you. You are basically left without anyone to run to. If you leave the place this is happening to you, the police will get other police to find you and it starts up wherever you run to.

If you wonder why society could be this dark and enjoy others agony so much, go look at porn. You know those women are not enjoying it for the vast majority of the time. If you saw my daughter and I you would know, the way we naturally look, is the way the prettiest porn stars look, without makeup, fancy clothes or hair do's. Women like us trigger people who get pleasure from porn, porn that women are being hurt in, and they get aroused by hurting us. This is happening to a heck of a lot of women. About 80% of men and about 30% of women get turned on by violent porn, degrading porn, porn that puts the woman in a victim role so of course, they get turned on when they see women who look like someone very attractive, hurting. People do not just switch off their sexual arousal and feel bad when women are degraded and hurt and sexualized in real life. They don't. If you are a bit older you will recall when porn first went mainstream on line and people warned that what people are aroused on on the screen will blur and blend into what arouses them in real life and they were pooh poohd. They were told that grown men can tell the diff between fantasy and acting, and real life. They don't. Because sexual arousal is not a logical process. The thinking part of humans is a completely different part of the brain than the part that engages for sexual arousal. I've done a heck of a lot of study to understand this. Parts of our brain related to sex and aggression are completely disconnected from the parts that think, weigh consequences, consider morals and feel compassion. At least that is how ti works in the male brain. It is not the same in the female brain and yes, those differences relate to our evolutionary roles but I do nto want to digress too much. I just want to undo the disbelief you may have, based on common misconceptions about humans that we take as fact but are in not facts and are well known in brain research. The public is barely aware. That is somewhat because there has been a massive push to discredit the science that would cause a power shift in society that would be massive, but healthy. A shift from lop sided power to shared balanced power. I hope it comes eventually the meantime there is a massive push to reverse it and increase the lopsided power in society......and women are demanded to support that push or get out of jobs in the industries that hold the most power.....police, doctors, social workers.....and the wider circle of "helping professionals" that are the people who decide who is credible, believed and supported and who is discredited, not believed, discounted, pressured to deny what they know and even imprisoned in either a jail or a mental ward if they do not back down and stop telling people what is going on, the truth. This is massive and it is covert. I have a feeling it is starting to unwind but, it's far from over yet.

So here is what this guy did once he know my daughter was not keeping his dirty little secrets any more. He knew she had only panicked and told me the tip of the iceberg so, he went into action to make sure she didn't get a chance to tell anyone the rest. Withing two weeks he had a car accident with her and then, when that failed to kill her but did terrify her, he drove her and her friend down a remote unfinished narrow road in minus 40, in deep deep snow, and drove into the deepest snow drifts. This was an unfinished, narrow road with no buildings for several kilometers. He was trying to get stuck but the Jeep didn't get stuck. Very cold snow that has not been driven on is light and fluffy. The Jeep was a heavy V8 with great tires. That is why she is alive. If they got stuck he was fit enough and heavily dressed enough, which I know he deliberately planned because he never dressed heavy for work in the hotel and he never took precautions.....he was an extremely incautious risk taker. He didn't dress in heavy layers and a sheep skin coat normally. He must have changed before he left work to pick her up. He never did that before no matter how dangerously cold it was. His plan was to get stuck and tell the girls to sit tight in the car while he would run for a couple of kms to get help, but she and her friend would have died. Minus 40 will freeze the skin on contact. She didn't tell me about this right away. When she did, I examined the car accident site and measured skid marks and realized the massive speed he must have been going at to slide as far as he did just before an intersection with a highway, smash a strong new bull rail fence and drag the barbed wire wrapped car into a field and still do a doughnut in the snowy field. I saw the tracks on the abandoned road, only one set, my Jeeps, and got very very very scared. I went to police. Told them everything and assumed they did their job checking the evidence. I locked this man out, returned all his possessions and waited. This man was deep in debt, earning a very low wage and I helped him up on his feet. I was a very comfortable IT professional earning high contractor fees. I didn't meet any better men and he played the goody goody daddy potential and my daughter begged me to make him her dad so.....I did. Sure I met plenty of men but not single men with their act together that want to play daddy to anyone else's kid. If they do that they often only stay for a while and they are just parasites mostly. Some women get lucky but I wasn't. No of course I do not blame her. He bamboozled everyone and preyed on everyone's wishes, weaknesses and bigoted hatred of pretty, rich women. Even the cops. Mostly the cops actually.

Here is how he got away with it. The officer I spoke to didn't even take down a police report of the location of the two car incidents. If he had gone and seen what I saw he should have interviewed my kid, engaged other helping resources and arrested the guy right away but he didn't do anything. He didn't even write a report of the location of the evidence. To this day, no officer has ever tried to talk about sex abuse to my kid. Their own files say that. I know the first cop didnt do any work for us at all, because 10 years later I got police files. He did nothing at all. The stunned shock of finding this out actually hurt my really it hurt. Shock literally injures your nerves and mind and body. It hurts like hell. I screamed when I realized there were no police files were I reported attempted murder and criminal harassment. I didn't find out much more had happened sexually for a long time. I found out from her writings and pictures she left lying around for me to find, one clue at a time. She cannot sit down and talk about this. Her PTSD is that bad that she gets chest pains, crumples or explodes or flees. I cannot tell you why this cop did nothing but police have been caught helping abusers plenty of times. Many police are the worst abusers of women and children. The abusers of the world seek positions of power and other cops do not "out" them. So in my mind they are all bad. Very very bad. Their leaders should all resign in disgrace. At the very least their incompetence at managing such a power is terrifying and has done massive damage to this country. This is far more common than people realize. People just attack victims so of isn't safe to speak up. I did and look what happened to me. I got tortured and that is no exageration and more ominously, my daughter got tortured much worse than me. I'm amazed she kept any will to live at times. At some she didn't but failed to kill herself. She sure tried to stop it......many times......she sure did. Some lying social worker fabricated my daughter denying the abuse but I have all the notes of chats with her.....she did not deny it. She told them plenty to make them step in but when they didn't and while I was being criminally harassed and was nearly murdered a couple times while cops ignored my distress.....and dismissed me......she learned to shut the hell up so that I did not get murdered or locked in psych. They tried that 6 times and failed every time for one fluke reason or another. I have their records. They certainly did do all this. It is in black and white. You would think someone would step in with all this proof but nobody, especially lawyers, will even look at it. They know full well this is going on and they know the kind of danger it invites if they help a victim. That is what out society has degraded to> I would have fled western society long ago but my daughter had been told not to leave or else and she obeyed them so we were stuck here. She was probably right. I even tried to flee several times but the attacks intensified and I was driven back here. There was no escape. These people are shamelss liars and cops can influence anyone and they do. They enjoy it. They are hunting. We are their pretty, sexy, sobbing prey and it excites them> There is a lot of money involved here and power too. The Pickton Farm parties were frequented by cops and politicians. The media didnt' tell you that but the official report says it clearly. The report the public doesn't read, but I did. There are over 400 RCMP police suing the RCMP and the leader of that suit was the woman that was the face of the Pickton investigation> The poor woman must have been terrorized just like me. I hear she has complex PTSD as well. I understand. These men are hunting us. They are very dangerous and very powerful.

No sooner had I told police what little I knew or understood, a criminal harassment campaign started in earnest, vandalzing my well, car, freezer etc etc. It harmed my animals, was very expensive to repair and no police ever attended because they kept saying it was just normal wear and tear or accidentally, my well wires were broken and my freezer came unplugged but the repair men all knew none of this was accidental. Mechanics have told me too that the sneaky, made to look accidental draining of the oil from my car, was no accident. He laughed and said there is a plug that holds the oil in. Someone removed it, drained the oil into a pan, then put the plug back in. If they had left it out it might have looked accidental but these guys work with the abusive cops that they know will not do any police work for a woman they have decided to give a shit kicking to and so they put the plug in to brag to me that they did it on purpose and nobody will believe me but the mechanic was the one who told me I was being criminally harassed. Vandalizm to my car happened so often it is hard to recall it all and it went on for 12 years until I finally lost my house, car, stuff, everything pretty much. It was a slow and torturous struggle and it is ongoing but has eased up a lot lately. I'm not sure it's over yet though. Not at all. Police do not go around telling everyone they were wrong and to leave you alone lol. They do not admit it on the news like they have had to do in the UK. They are sneaky and do everything privately in Canada. Concealing abuse and protecting abusers in the name of Canada's reputation is their excuse. They know they are abusers and they hang the victim out to dry. They know they could settle the lawsuit and they owe me massive income losses never mind the damages they could be held responsible for but they are dragging their feet, hoping I will have another heart attack or die. Yes I had a heart attack over this. They literally shocked and scared me and exhausted me into a heart attack. They are hunters. I am prey. This is like a pack of wolves harrying a big animal until it finally loses but I'm not going to lose. I'm adapting rapidly and they aren't. I always win in the end. That is my track record when I get a toe hold and I do have a toe hold so don't give up on me because I haven't. Even if they dismiss the case or assault me......the hard evidence is out there. It will rise to the surface. I really didnt' want to expose my daughters nightmare to the world but I had to. However I'd like to keep it no more exposed than it has to be to get the police do do their moral and legal duty but so far they are not so i will have to step up the pace soon. I know how to do it but, I hesitate for several reasons I do not want to go into here. Parly my health is a major handicap. PTSD is crippling. I can write all day venting but doing something structured and methodical is very very hard. Last time I compiled a brief with evidence for court the chest pains were so strong I was close to collapse for a day or two. My health is weak. Nobody is helping out. Like I said, lawyers have no balls here and they do NOTHING for free on contingency, especially not suing police. I do not believe Canadians ever had an underground rail road. No way does this culture really help anyone against these vicious people. They look the other way and blame the victim or say just leave and everything will stop but that's not true of course. They just do not care. They are hardened. Very very hard and cold. Not the nice people they advertise themselves to be at all. I looked into the background of this culture. It really paints a picture of why this kind of abuse is going on here but I'm not going to go into it now.

I guess the criminal harassment was intended to drive me out of my home with the shirt on my back so this monster could steal everythign I owned long before I met him. I was selling quickly to give him half regardless but he insisted on repaying me 30k out of about 200k I invested in him, a business that never did more than break even really once his living costs were calculated in. I realize now he did that to influence people but that is no excuse for them. They should have treated this with reserved judgement and investigated but they didn't and when they realized I made so much i had no reason to cheat anyone they still said nothign and the abuse went on and on for year after year and they just didn't give a hoot. They liked it. It turned them on. The rest were just cowards who wouldn't save a child and mother from sadistic sexual torture. Do not rate cops as the good guys. They are the abusers in this culture. Sure they are nice to some people so not everyone clues in. Isn't that what all absuers do. Have two sides to confuse everyone with.

This was in rural Canada so men up here don't expect it is the woman who funded the gorgeous lifestyle.....they presume it is the man who earned the big bucks and if they know the woman earned the money, a lot of them think she earned it taking a mans job so either way, they resent it. ON top of that this is a hunting culture and women are game.....The foxes are in charge of the hen house. There are no groups of men standing up to this so do not tell me most are good men in the world. If they were, they would get together and stop this but they do not even try because it profits them.....they get more jobs, they expect women to be too scared to be alone in the world. It is a complicit "deal" men have with each other. They do not stop it because they think crippling and terrorizing women will force us back under their abusive control.....It's not working. The opposite is happening. They should have just polished up their character and stopped blaming their penis size or car or money on why we avoid them. It is their ATTITUDE that drives women away. They just don't want to do the work of self examination to admit it and fix it. They are not nearly as able to withstand self criticism or even constructive criticism. They react angrily and shut the information tha t could help them out of their minds. They do not listen, learn and cooperate, they defend or attack or leave. I am talking generally but this is the way the male mind is wired. To perceive critiism as an attack they must defend not learn from. They are competing not cooperating and they are accustomed to winning with that strategy. In this case though I think they lose for all the winning they do. Its sad really. I've always really liked men but they make it so hard to survive around them. The good ones are rarely single for 5 minutes, Most are so corrupt minded or self loathing you just can go near them; High self esteem men are rare in my experience. Most close to my age are angry, b brittle minded porn addicts. Horrible company. And of course the blame us. Young men in their 20's are cool but.....much too young for a relationship. Friends yes, That's not fair to them.

I earned far far more than cops, in a tech field that very few men can say they are even my equal in.....I am a specialist of specialists but I get little to no applause at all like I used to. I used to be lauded and treated with respect and kindness and they threw pay raises at me so much that I could easily work part time and still be well off and spend a lot of time with my kid. We had a really great like and loved each others company. We really got along great.

For the last then years I mostly specialized in only repairing failed projects that were led by men did not take anyone's job. A recruiter told me I was grey listed but I didn't understand what he meant. It is a form of trafficking. You are blacklisted from working freely because you have skills they need and cannot replace or do without. I rescued many of their reputations by helping them clean up messes they made and then they stabbed me in the back as soon as they were done using me for very low pay for my skills and I was out of work for quite a while between projects while people much less accomplished were easily constantly employed, paying off their houses, buying rental properties and banking pensions. I never got more than 50k saved before I was living off my savings. They kept me in a contstant state of snakes and ladders, always making sure I was pushed down before I got up enough to pay anyone to help me. I did try to hire a PI and pay lawyers but I didn't know enough about what was going on and honestly I think they knew cops were doing it. I wasn't enough of an insider of this culture to recognize any of this. I was a foreigner so people were loyal to their country and disloyal to me. Nobody told me this kind of stuff is known about and talked about. They never explained it to me. I found out all on my own with a snippet hint here and there are and a lot of investigating. It was exhausting> I do feel tremendous resentment at the passive aggressive people who should have just sat me down and told me what was going on. They have made me believe hell is just fine for their kind but before I beleive people were mostly good and just made mistakes. No they don't. They do things on purpose and they are sneaky so it looks innocent. You have to be a victim of widespread systemic abuse to know just how nasty and sneaky humans are if they feel safe doing it and if cops tell you to go ahead and hurt someone, that they deserve it, almost nobody resists the urge. Look around with your eyes open at the massive sex trafficking victims is massive. Sneaky. Duplicitous. Slavery and sadism turn them on. Even women.

My industry has a 40% failure rate, but my failure rate to date is zero. Im extremely competent and able......and I say this so you know this can happen to anyone......I'm accomplished and rather than be grateful, men are deeply deeply envious and viciously resentful. Some are supportive and grateful in secret lol, but I have won no awards to date. I have many strong references though on letter head but I have been told they will all be discredited if I try to use them. Vicious jealous proud men who don't think pretty women should be able to "best" them far outnumber the good ones and women tend to hate pretty little women like me. I kinda look like Betty White when she was young. A cute little doll naturally. This abuse had aged me a lot since I made sense of it though. It's almost worse than when I didn't know. Once you know this much about humans it is revolting. It changes you. That is reality many if not most people vehemently deny but it's true. Most of them are very sneaky about their dirty nasty desires and hateful, resentment and cover it up, like most abuse. If you point it out they tell you you're arrogant and full of yourself and nobody cares about you and nobody is jealous of barbie per se, you are deluded blah blah.

When I went to social workers in a panic and begged them to hide my child so she was safe from harassment they did but they talked to police, who covered up their criminal negligence by lying, saying they found no evidence and......they then helped her abuser take her from their custody, behind my back. I found them both alone in the empty home after I quickly sold it. I went there to feed the horses and check they had water. I had a foal in the middle of winter that I could not just abandon. I didn't fully realize just how much danger we were in yet. I am explaining this to you but that is with hindsight. Back then I was in way over my head. NOBODY WAS HELPING US because cops told them not to bother, that it was a fuss over nothing, that there was no evidence of abuse and that I was a broke single welfare mom that a man had taken in (which was the complete opposite of what actually happened) and that I was making up stories so I could steal his house an belongings. They just fabricated the standard gender bigoted presumptive bias that many if not most men beleive is real and that started a snowball that led to a harrowing dark maze of horror. I am not exagerrating. Word got around from city to city, from police station to police station, throughout my professional client circles, to counsellors, social workers, thousands of kilometers away. The same pack of lies this police officer told the social worker got spread far and wide and a massive vicious unrelenting hate campaign of random abuse I never saw coming and had no idea why it was happening....went on for 12 years. I have the records. I can track it's progress through these so called professions that write down what they think and what they do. They lie a heck of a lot of they thin you deserve to get your ass kicked. They do. They lie constantly to abuse you like all bullies do and yes, women are extremely eager to curry favor with male abusers who mostly incite this. Women are eager to help them and improve their social standing, careers, promotions, favor. These are the women that Madeliene Albright said there is a special place in hell for. Up here in Canada I have not found any women who do not play along with this and I reached out hundreds of times, fleeing across 4 provinces, going from counsellor to counsellor, womens shelter to womens shelter. The police were tapping my phone and new every place that offered me help>They then contacted those so called helpers, told them a pack of lies and those women then interrogated me, hoping to help police catch a liar making up a story. Oh yes, they did. They are still doing it. I finally found out about all this in a huge paper trail leading from one gossipmongerer to the it's all true. I would not dare say this because if I cannot prove it I can go to jail for malicious defamation of police. The really really disgusting part of it is that any police officer could have looked up police files across the country and seen that there was never any sex abuse investigation or attempted murder investigation. They knew all along there was no police work done to draw any of these conclusions that were spread around as fact. On top of it, eventually I did find work, even though my resume was taken by cops who contacted all my clients and blacklisted me. People who used to beg me to go to a client site and work for them there and threw money at me, were nasty, hostile and shunned me without ever, ANYONE explaining why. It was the not knowing that really really damaged me> The mental exhaustion of trying to figure out why people were acting like this was exhausting but boy oh boy do I have a fit mind now. I used my mind exhaustively to solve this problem and using your mind does indeed exercise it so I'm fit now, even though I was mentally exausted for many years.

I went bankrupt because cops blacklisted me and it took about 2 years to get work that I was not fired from abruptly within months. I used to send resumes for 8 hours a day non stop, thinking the industry was dead or maybe my resume was out of date.....wondering why I had to work so hard to get a job when before I didn't even have to interview. I had such a hot resume back then people lined up. I had oil companies holding up project until I was free to lead them. That's how exceptoinal my skills were. It's probable I'm alive to day because of those skills because eventually someone decided to traffic me by letting me do the very hardest projects nobody else could succeed at.....massive failed security and finance projects, sometimes spanning a dozen countries for international companies. I got paid about a half or a third what was a normal rate for that level of skill. They just refused to give me any more and would not tell me why.

Police told everyone that they were investigating and it would be an offense to inform me. That is hoe they isolate you. They literally black bag you and stone you and work you right under hundreds of people's noses and NOBODY says a word. You see, this is why I have completely changed my outlook on humanity. Humanity is a vile vile species of predators and cowards. Disgusting to the core. Here is why I do not cut them any slack. Because no matter what police said, someone must have known there was somethign wrong here. My resume alone should have told them I could out earn anyone, had no motive to extort money from anyone, was a woman of excellent reputation and very very popular, until rumors ruined me.....and people worked with me and socialized with me and must have had an inkling that it is not possible to be sweet, kind, extremely hard working, ethical.....a goody goody basically, and be a scheming child abuser who makes up sex abuse stories and uses their kid to support them, for money. The money I can earn routinely is about 16 - 30 k a month. 16k would be a very low rate for me. A recruiter heard how low I was paid and told me no way should I get out of bed for less than double that. Several people told me that. Everyone knew how overworked and underpaid I was and like I said.......NOBODYSTEPPED IN. Nobody gave me credibility over cops. As if cops never abuse, never absurd. To think there are no abuser cops is the stupidest thing. I mean think about it.....everyone konws abusers seek positions of power duh. Well I too was not clear on how widespread and immoral their organization is. I thought it was a few bad apples but it isn't. In ten years they all knew there was no sex abuse investigation, they must have and, they all knew a woman of my means had no motive to extort money from a man......On top of that you would think nobody trusts their judgement of character. My character is extremely consistent and predictable. Do all these people trust a strange cop and not their gut. Does NOBODY trust their gut? Well yes I can look back now and realize many many people knew it was all bullying of a sweet woman who gave pretty much everyone the benefit of the doubt, who was slow to judge.....slow to to a fault......I never once lowered myself to abuse anyone in retaliation. Not once.I did get frustrated with people but they just hung up on me or stonewalled me or called ME abusive if I asked them to tell me what was going on.

You'd think ONE person would break the rules and inform me of this cop incited smear campaign but they didn't< They have no problem jerking off to underage porn, cheating on their taxes, sneaking around boinking their best friends wife but they woudn't so much as whisper in my black bagged ear that I was being abused by cops. None of them did.....not even my child. She tried to tell me and her diary was found, a year into this ordeal, showing she clearly described in writing the aphasia that stopped her disclosing. It also showed her aged 13......3 years earlier, begging god to kill this man, sweetly and grovellingly. She signed it xoxo and it is the most gut wrenching prayer to god you could possibly read. A desperate child begging god to help her because no man and no woman could be relied on to act appropriately. Not one. There were many many professionals involved,. They all acted disgracefully and dangersouly incomptetntly. There isn't a stand up fighter for abused kids among them. They think there is but there isn't. She had all the most severe signs of abuse......very very severe......and not one of them stood up to the cops and said they must be wrong and they should break their silence and encourage this child to speak up. I have their records. NONE of them encouraged her to feel safe or tell the truth. They ALL pressured her to abandon me and write me off as a bad person she should accept she has to leave behind> They even told her lies that I had abandoned her and left the province without a forwarding address. They lied to hurt her so she would give up on us. We has such a close safe bond before these people manhandled us. Social workers told us both a pack of child abusing lies to drive us apart and instil hurt and deep abandonment issues in both of us.....such deep betrayal......To this day they all know and not ONE of them is willing to admit it or say sorry. They are filthy nasty low disgusting vaucous creatures that.....honestly, have made me finally realize why the bible ends with most humans going in to a human wine press......according to the last third of Revelations. I never thought humans were this bad but.....they are. They just cannot face what they are. It was not a mistake. They enjoyed controlling and destroying and assautling and robbing us......I recall many of the smirks. As well I recall the guilty faces. I now understand it all but back then I was on exhausted overload. I just couldnt process it all and I had never been involved with bullies at all. I had no experience. No reference point. I did not grow up in Canada. I honestly never say bullying on a community level among adults in my life like this. A bit here and there but not like this and not among professionals. My parents were both professionals in fraud investigation and psychiatry ironically. My mother didn't deal in sex abuse at all> She never once mentioned it. She dealt with locked up schizophrenics and the like. I had no education about abuse from her really. She did tell me the psych industry is dangerously abusive and to steer clear of doctors though. She knew well that a pretty little thing like me would bring out the worst in them.

The bottom line is, nobody scratched up an anonymous note and put it on my doorstep, on my desk, in my pocket or mailed it anonymously to me. That would have been easy, low risk and no skin of anyone. Nobody even did that.....even people that I know really liked me and knew I was just being abused. I can go back and see the truth on their faces now. When sadistic evil is this widespread and endemic, you start to think the world has just gone crazy, and it has, but it wasn't crazy for everyone else and I could see that. It was like I was living in a completely different world, right in the middle of others who were living good lives. Often horrible people living good lives. No matter how hard I applied myself at work.....after I was done cleaning up an massive exhausting boondoggle for umpteen corporations that proclaim that they do not tolerate abuse in the work place, I was viciously mobbed, shunned, harassed and fired. My daughter wrote a letter to one work place that was the head office of the health care system here, where they hired me to take the fall for a massive enterprise project that was at high risk to fail.....but didn't....and instead of coming to me and my child an investigating why a child would feel the need to try to convince good people in healthcare not to abuse and fire her mother......the police were called, they slandered me to my boss and he fired me. This triggered my teen daughter into meth addiction shortly afterwards and suicide. She survived only barely. The damage done to her though is unrecoverable. She lost the education she loved.....she was a great student. She lost all her friends and got a criminal record and was muled by a big meth dealer while cops knew all about it, surveiled him muling her.....using her to run drugs for him and forcing her at gun point to take the date rape drug and get passed around to men, oh yes cops knew......and when they finally arrested him she was barely alive. She was rail thin, covered in scabs, her teeth were crumbling and she was an emotional, mental disaster zone. I only coped by taking a few tranquilizers and sleeping pills, working so hard I didn't have much time to think and crying helplessly to vent the pain. I could drown these people in the tears I shed, I cried that much when I was alone.

I'm using broad generalizations but they are almost completely true. However, I'm a scrupulously honest person so will say, there were two men who spoke up once for me and got shot down and shut their mouths and did not approach me about it or fight for me and no group of men that I'd given jobs and mentored and fought for their careers and pay raises rallied to my back. None of them did. They took whatever help I gave them above and beyond my duties and utterly turned their backs on me when I needed them even to hear me out on what was going on. All of them but one said I was paranoid but they are all lying because they saw how I had several times the workload of other PMs routinely and got paid half sometimes. They knew, they just chose to side with power over what is right. They could easily have stood up to this if there were plenty of good men. There aren't. Men do not help damsels in distress. They wait until nobody is looking and take advantage of you in your weakened state. The best thing women can do is get a good income from a source that has as little to do with men as possible, if possible. And do not ever make yourself vulnerable to a man. You will not find out the predator he is hiding until you are vulnerable. If he meets you as a well to do career woman with your own home he will put on a show. After a couple of years and you are married and have a baby and no income......that is the most common time he will first assault you or cheat on you or even murder you.....Murder is the top killer of pregnant women and men do it. They decide the baby is competing for their access to your body and they attack. These are many facts that came to light in the 80's and 90's and this reversal of revealing reality to the general public is extremely well funded and pervasive. Quite brilliant in the depth of it's deviousness and impressive how many people, both men and women are on board with it. The hunting party and war party may hate each other within their ranks but against their prey, they are loyal unto death> That is why man has been such a successful predator on this planet. Women that do not support men hunting women and kids are enemies and attacked. This was well known as a massive covert movement and that as I said is why Mdm Albright made her statement about hell for the women who help do this. This is a war on women and when Biden mentioned there is a war on women he was not kidding.

If anyone had told me any of this stupidity and lies by cops, I could have disproven it all with hard evidence of my finances, proof he was the abuser, proof he was the gold digger, proof cops lied, proof cops never investigated. It has been 12 years and for the FIRST time a police officer allowed me to speak long enough without shouting at me or hanging up the phone or stonewalling me, to tell her NOBODY INTERVIEWED my child about sex abuse. She or any cop could have found that out without my help but they are lazy......I had to do their job for them. She was angry and defiant but kind of caved in and told me I can FINALLY come to the police station and tell them but, I have fallen for that advice before more than a few times and when I get there they refuse to speak to me or they are frightening and abusive. I asked to have a meeting set up with a senior investigator but they will not comply. Professional Standards in Calgary has several written complaints ffom me but they will not talk to me at all. They do not respond. They are hiding in shame of course. They have no plans to repair my reputation and take all the blame they deserve because they like their jobs and pensions and are scared. Cowards. Dirty, low, filthy, corrupt, evil, unconscionable. A police station is the most unsafe place on the planet for me. Those guys and gals have massive motive to murder me behind closed doors and say whoops she slipped and fell and broke her neck not patronize me by saying cops would not do such a thing. I have had three lawyers call me to say do not go near them, they will either murder you or drop you in a mental ward and put you in solitary and THEN murder you and say you committed suicide. I had one lawyer hunt me down to tell me he stopped practicing because he saw this happen in court. Men protect men. We know a third at least of girls are molested and molesters help each other. They are all in the same hunting party and yes of course some of them are cops and judges. The Pickton murder parties were frequented by cops and politicians. The official report says that so please, snap out of the denial and go have a cup of tea and calm down and get real or.....why are you here. How can women protect children if you don't want to konw the truth of the dangers out there. This is going to be common knowledge at some point so be ahead of the curve and help yourself and your kids. I dearly and sincerely wish someone had explained all this to me before I let a man into my home. They hinted or said a quick short warning without any explanation once or twice but I didn't have the background info to believe them. They were right. Once you are a mom, it is a one on three and probably a higher chance your daughter will be molested and higher if you are a single mom and take a man in. If dogs ripped girls faces off in one in three cases of dogs in homes with girls, do you see what society would do to moms who take dogs into their homes. It would be against the law lol and THIS is why men will go to such great lengths to conceal and deny these facts. Think about the implications. I am not trying to change the world. I am just hoping one less mother and daughter goes through the inferno we have been through. That's all. Once this is over for me, I will speak no more of this unless I see a woman or child in danger and unaware of it. This will take time to unravel if it ever does for humanity and I do not plan to be the human martyre for what I consider a lost cause to be honest. I am only going to speak until police give me back what they stole from me and then whooosh......where did she go. That is how it will be. I will wipe my feet and retreat and get a lot of dogs, big ones with a bad attitude, who love their momma lol. Perhaps I will move some place you are allowed to own a gun too. Who knows.

Anyway, back to the lies police told social workers and other cops. They said this abuse was investigated and "proven to be a false allegation and possibly malicious". I have their documents. I have notes in police files when a cop called and told them and here is the rub. YOu cannot possibly prove a child was not molested and, people screamed for years that Cosby was innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. How come nobody demanded I get given the benefit of the doubt until proven in a court of law. Even if my child said it was all made up, does nobody think a terrorized child would break down and say what abusers want to hear. I think it took them several years to break her. I had her diary showing her begging god to kill this man aged 13 and cops buried the evidence I gave them. Then 4 of them assaulted me a couple of days later.

It even says that police did not invetigate and had no intention of investigating, clearly, in police records. This woman cop angrily demanded I prove it in records she has access to not me - right in front of her, that she was too lazy to search and read, hoping I would not be able to substantiate what I was saying maybe, but I had the records and I showed her. The only reason I got records was because cop snidely told me there was a massive smear campaign going on behind my back. He did not tell me cops were doing it. He did not go into any details. He just wanted to know what I was going to do about it lol as if it's not his job, fucking creep.

They just didn't do their job. I had to do it for them. I had to figure all this out and fight them to get them to listen to the facts. They are still fighting me in court. They are shameless liars. Police have some kind of mental disorder that dominates their organizations> They are not a few bad apples here. The entire organization is rotten as over 400 of their own current and former staff say in a class action lawsuit mostly silenced in the media. The entire society is complicit. Canada will I hope, lose it's international undeserved reputation of being a safe place for anyone......and stop luring women here like me, who then get fed to wolves while people jeer or look away. Vancouver is getting the rep for being the world centre for sex trafficking and snuff porn because police are in on it. It pays very very well to be silenced. The porn industry can afford corrupt cops. All of them.

They are so high on their false reputation of being goody goodies up here, who care about vulnerable people thatm they just use that false image to literally get away with torture and murder. This country is 50% Catholic and the pattern of hiding horrific predatory abuse behind brain washing pious godliness and out rage at any accusation to the contrary is deep in this culture. They know it up here.....but they do not stand up to it much at all. There have been many attempts by the women but the men are complicit. So totally complicit. It's a wonder any of them are tolerated by women here. The society wide complicit betrayal is so deep and so wide it is unfathomable that men can let themselves go like this.....let themselves become so morally inept, so spiritually impotent. And lets not get started on the women who help them shall we.

This very very nearly killed me and my child several times so of course, we are trauma inured in many many ways. When I went to the UK last year and showed police there what Canadians did, the police were stunned almost speechless. One guy from British Intelligence could not meet my eye at all. Not at all. He looked at the ground the entire time. The shame was eating him alive. I just wish it would turn to rage and come here and help me. But they just sit idly on their hands I suppose. I don';t know why. I was born in the UK. You'd think at least they would rescue me for my skill set which is in desperate demand everywhere. Lack of competent IT seasoned tech leaders is causing a crisis in corporations but I can't even get an interview here. Over there it seems most women are no longer in IT, they have been replaced by men with almost no experience or qualifications at all. Women are much much better at collaborative creative team leadership. Herding cats is like managing a gang of kids. Few men ever get the experience we come by naturally. Men evolved to follow a leader. They didn't stay home and lead a bunch of kids and network collaboratively with neighbors like we did. We are much better at this work than they are but they presume they are competent as we are. I hope they fall flat on their faces and I know most times, as soon as i was fired the project I was successfully leading, fell apart. I heard from my ex direct reports over and over it was misdirection from the men who took over from me. Men think leadership is being bossy and controlling and it is the exact opposite with intelligent creative teams. The exact opposite. The team knows far more than the leader and men are no good at swallowing their ego and letting the team of geniuses tell them what they need and going and getting it and then getting the hell out of their way. That is all it takes. Men are consistently promoted for their sense of authority but that is what stifles sensitive intelligent creative types that do this work in IT. The stupidity and stubborn inability to master themselves is why women are much much better at this but men will not accept it and step aside because these are the best paid white collar jobs in the world and they are greedy and want them when they do not deserve them. Men have gotten half the education women have gotten since 1984 but they insist 9 out of 10 of the best jobs are held by men because women are not qualified. They lie for each other as well, covering up that they did not finish college at all. It's damaging the economy too. Companys have spoken up about it but they do not hold anyone accountable so nothing is changing as far as I know. It may be shifting now but it's too late for me to jump back in. I am too unwell anyway. I am broken physically, financially and unless police repay what they stole I'm done. I know they will deny their guilt and rob me some more if they can get away with it. We shall see what they do won't we.

Some police in the UK, ( I spent about a day with 7 of them in different interviews right up to British Intelligence) looked like they were going to be sick or cry. Honestly. I spoke with other professionals and they were alarmed and revolted. I do not know why Canadians are so different than people in the UK but they are. They show no shame really. They are closed, hard, refusing to let the truth in. Again, I think the church trains their minds to be stubborn.

You probably think Canada is a country of nice boring people but it is covering up a very deeply dark sadistic appetite that if you google what they did to native kids here.....and the Pickton farm (which is by far not the only one) and the class action lawsuit by over 400 RCMP women and staff, suing RCMP for gender based will find that Canada is the house on the block that looks perfect if a bit boring and reserved on the outside but, if you go into that house, eventually you might hear muffled screams from the basement and scratching on the walls and the kids give you side eye and the older son smirks at your daughter. They generally support covering all this up out of national pride but I do not know why they think they are so important that victims must pay for their fake goody goody high moral ground at all and I do not know why they think they are so much better that they do not have to admit any guilt or air any issues like the UK and US do all the time, which they point the accusing finger at and act all superior to. The hypocrisy is astounding. The lack of insight is frightening, bordering on a mental disorder. In this house of horrors, the mom looks blissfully oblivious......and dad presents as a gentle giant......a fireman or a pastor or......a cop. He doesn't say much. If you are unlucky you will wind up as one of those people bound, gagged, raped, tortured and murdered in the basement for a snuff porn movie everyone got paid off for. That is going on all over this country and remote farms are the place they are done. My mothers family have been here 8 generations and she left to work in the UK as an adult and I came back here when I was fairly young adult, but not a single Canadian has ever treated me as Canadian. Not one. It ironic because many who refuse to accept me as Canadian were not born here either but they managed to change their accent to hide their origins, while living on land the UK donated to them for free lol. The back stabbing ingratitude eh. I wish the English had banned Catholics from their commonwealth. They are loyal to Rome, not home. In the UK for centuries, Catholics chose to be loyal to a foreign religious terrorism that devastated us......and robbed us into servitude......and filth and horror.....and the UK kicked the Vatican out of power in 1668 and STILL they cling to their religion like Americans clinging to ISIS in 300 years if ISIS took over America. Do you see now how this is. They say their god from overseas it the one true god who forgives all and I say they need to go read Revelations because at the very end of all the lies and fraud, it clearly says most people are going into a human wine press to make wine for the god they worship lol. Oh yes, it does. You give people free will and they just don't use it. This is why lately, with all this protest about losing freedom, I am starting to agree, humans cannot handle free will. Well some of them can but few. The world is not safe with humans having free will. Nature is not safe. Nothing lovely is safe with them. They will hunt it, enslave it, pimp it out and drain it like they have done to the whole planet. If there are aliens or gods out there I want them to come and put these monsters in chains and let me enjoy life. No, I have not done any of this to anyone. I am not a predator and yes I have been tempted and resisted. I never once lied and I take strong care not to even lie accidentally. Most people are just too lazy and they seem to hate people who shine with any spirit in tact. They themselves are so dark inside, that people who light up a room with their inner spirit anger them. They are jealous and they attack rather than letting you teach them how you accomplished it. It is an accomplishment that takes work they couldn't be bothered to do. They weren't weak. They didn't try any harder than a guy watching porn, looking at a horrified woman in pain covering it up so she does not get attacked, and jerking off rather than turning it off and choosing to imagine making sweet love to a woman in his mind and using that to jerk off to. It is pure laziness. Self indulgent spiritual betrayal of themselves. I do not feel sorry for them at all. I resist temptation every day and boy oh boy am I ever tempted. People are not all the same, they are not equal and they are not all one. Some cling to the spiritual tree of life and fight for it and some just invite and love to be the rot on it. No being abused does not make you abusive.....many many abused people go on to be exemplary leaders in anti abuse and many abusers had charmed childhoods. People are individuals. They make individual choices and they make a lot of bad ones. Sure there are some people who are misled but by the time you are fully an adult you had time to route out the rot in your background influence. If you didn't you probably didn't bother. You didn't try. You didn't seek so you didn't find. You were lazy and now you are greedy and resentful of someone who did. I never spoke like this before but I am not holding back any more. If people don't like it too bad. All they ever got was honesty from me and they should not have let me see this if they didn't want to be "outed". Do not tell me to judge. I am reporting what I see and can tell is true from a massive amount of evidence. Humans judge every day. We have courts, we examine evidence, we take our time and ensure there is plenty of evidence and eventually what is obvious surfaces. That is what is happening here. None of this was a snap observation and nobody is above reproach. Nobody. And besides, it is obvious the church lied throughout the bible, sandwiching lies between the truth as bread. How absurd to say nobody can make a well balanced assessment of your misconduct. We do it all the time. We call it justice duh. For god sakes people are willfully stupid.

Anyway, that is what happened to me and that is how I know this. Considering how widely I am STILL blacklisted from services and even political support, from street cops through their oversight agencies up to my MLA and premier.....and everyone I contacted over the years, mostly many times for help, that none of them does feel like being dead. Yes I have lately in the last few months and weeks gotten a tiny bit of begrudging support from a doctor or two but they still blame me for not helping me years ago. None of them apologize. They say I should have told them but I did tell them and they slammed the door in my face over and over. Medical records on line can easily be used to smear you and blacklist you and they are being used for just that.

When an entire society treats you like you are invalid......stands back and watches you dying from being beaten to death.......even though you are screaming in may as well be in hell on earth while people cannot see you because you are dead to them. It is no better what happened to my child and I than crowds of villagers drowning a woman in a dunking chair and stealing her home and children. No better than black bagging her and stoning her to death while screaming that she wanted to be raped. People are no better here than any other country and they know they are worse imo. They desire evil and they enjoy it like a pack of dogs tearing a deer apart. They salivate for it.

That is how Canada treats victims of abuse frequently and do not say it is isn't. It is becoming the norm. This is happening to a lot of women and kids to suppress how common abuse is by men and cover it up so that men do not lose the stranglehold of abusive power they have over us, society's best jobs, money etc......They only let women in good jobs that support that angle, their advantage. If you protest at all, you get bullied and fired.

Would I go to police if this happened again. NO way no how. Would I go to any professional. No. I would flee the country. I think this pattern of abuse is becoming common knowledge that barely anyone is talking about so that they do not get targeted but it is for sure affecting many women who will not have kids because they are too afraid. Many many many young women have told me this gender abuse is making them stay single, stay childless. Of men under 35....only 25% have kids. That is a massive drop in birth rates. Huge. The intent of this was to push women to comply with men who want women in their lives and want kids and want women back underneath them in society and, to increase the white male population but, the result is a huge withdrawal and culling of these men by not allowing women to push their DNA into the future. So these guys miscalculated. They are not talking about it yet but it is starting to leak out.

The mens movement MRA gender movement has lost a lot of steam since it was revealed to the millions of men screaming that these 40+ victims of his were lying gold diggers.....that he admitted drugging girls and having sex with them to a judge ten years earlier and NOBODY stopped him. This shattered the lies largely but there are still people who say he is innocent and who is pointing out the lessons learned about all this???? Nobody wants to examine what went wrong because they are too afraid to point the finger to learn anything. This will be repeated over and over by humans to proud and cowardly to learn from their past. Humans do not learn. They cover up and deny. They have not improved morally in thousands of years. At brief times for a short while a few good people in a corner fight for rights and things get a bit better for a while but they backslide soon enough.

And that brings us back to humans. Beware. Many people offering support are looking for a victim to prey on and they are very very nasty, hurtful, sneaky and cruel like you would not believe. Women are actually the nastiest and many get turned on by sex abused women. They do. If you knew the traffic counts of the kind of porn women seek out you would know that they enjoy you being hurt too especially if you are prettier than them....adn they seethe with self loathing.....which justifies their hatred in their minds to some degree. Men are a bit more simple and brutal but women are devious and cruelty is an art form to them. Yes of course there are exceptions. Out of the many dozens of women involved in this, I have evidence of 3 speaking up for my child, just once each, and doing it weakly, with no follow up. They were ignored and they did not push the issue. If anyone else helped us I am not aware of them but I thank them. If they had whispered in my ear it would have given me something but, they didn't even do that. They left me to think I was completely alone and nobody cared about the humiliation, terror, sorrow, bone aching pain for my child.......they left me to think it was nothing to them so if they don't like my attitude now they should have taken me into their inner circle instead of treating me like an unwelcome refugee shouldn't they. I was begged to come here to help with expertise nobody had about 21 years ago. I had worked at Microsoft and they needed me and I was generous and undemanding. I was no unwelcome refugee. I was born a Canadian citizen and I was invited here and used by them and when I mentioned that they were abusing me I got told over and over that I should go home then lol. Well, yes, I wish I had left before helping you out so much. There was nobody in Calgary who knew what I knew to help corporation after corporation get out of DOS onto windows without having the cost of recreating all the databases that did not upgrade automatically. There were versions of windows databases and other files that did not update automatically. They had to be manually debugged. I was the only person here who knew how to do it. I should have been paid twice what I was paid even when I was paid well. It is they who are the ingrates that should go home to the filthy peasant goulag the Brits were kind enough to help them escape, not me.

I hope I have explained this properly. I do not know what you can do about it but not telling you makes me feel guilty.

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