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After ranting, I felt much better:) just needed to vent;)


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I was thinking the same as Lucitta - perhaps staying the night in a hotel on your own, curl up, watch a movie or have a hot bath, and give yourself some space to think, breathe, and work out a solution. I know there have been times I have felt like this, and I have indeed done exactly that. Sometimes it can help one think rationally about a solution, and can also help the rest of the family truly understand that your feelings are very real and you needed that space.

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Maybe you should spend the night in a hotel, and come down a little. Not calm down, not cool off, just catch your breathe.
A lot of husbands and children make their wives/mothers feel this way at some points, and it will pass in time. I'm not saying you need to get over it, or that they will change, just that right now tensions are high, and they will calm down so that this can be approached calmly.
I am sure they care, but I'm not sure they understand.
It sounds like you are very overworked, as most wives/mothers are. Is there any routine tasks that you canhand tr husband or daughter? So that they can take the stress off of you, even if only for a few weeks?
My other suggestion, aside from staying in a hotel, is to call your husband, and ask him if he and your daughter can please clean the house this night, tell him you are over worked, stressed, and a dirty house with 2 perfectly able people in it is just too much for you tonight. Tell him you will come home tomorrow, but for your sanity you need toe house to be cleaned.
Just a suggestion.


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