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What was your sons weight height and head circumference at 9 months? went for my sons 9 month check up and they want us back in a month because his head seems a little big for his height. Im worried when i was told not to as of yet.

His height is 27 inches (7 percentile)

His weight is 19 pounds 14 ounces (32 %)

And his head Circumference is 18 1/4 inch (76%)

Im so worried right now.

Hes crawling, pulling up on things, babbling, etc.


Kaitlin - posted on 05/04/2012




oh, I think he's fine. I don't understand why you are 'so worried right now'? Is there a reason why you are concerned? And how does that relate to his size? He seems well within the range of average, no where near too small or too large, and you said his milestones are right on track... I'm confused.
My son was BORN with a 15 head (yes, ouch) and kept on growing non stop.
Growth patterns are head size first, then height, then weight (meaning, If your child is growing in head size, that's the most important sign they are thriving, then height, then weight). So you're right on track. Both my boys were larger than yours at the 9 month. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with a big head, and it's most likely genetic (my husband can't buy normal hats- I should have realized this would affect the, er, size of head, and thus, my recovery, from birth, lol)

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What's wrong with having a big head? Do you or your husband have a big head? It could just run in your family, or it could be that he's growing his head now, body later.

My son has a gigantic noggin! I could practically see my pregnant friend working herself into a panic attack every time she looked at my son when he was 8 months old and she was 8 months pregnant.

Sorry, I just checked my baby book and I never wrote down his head circumference, but at nine months he was 28.5 inches long and 23 lbs 10 oz. I wanted to get a bicycle helmet for him to ride with me, but I couldn't get the specially supportive 1-year-old ones because they wouldn't fit, I had to get the toddler sized.

Now he's two and has to wear hats that are made for older boys. We've always had trouble with shirts trying to rip his ears off as we put them over his head.

If the doctor doesn't say to worry, don't worry! My personal, totally unbiased opinion is that a big head means a smart baby. ;)


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Bhavya - posted on 06/03/2013




My son was born with a HC of 36 CM's and after 2 months it is at 44.5 cm's and his height and weight are above the 95th percentile. When my husband was born even he had a big head and in his family there is a history of people with big head. my son looks normal, smiles, takes feeding, urinates, motion is fine, lifts his head many times, etc... My Ped asked me to get a MRI done, but I thought of waiting for 1 more month and see his growth pattern. I would like to get more suggestion from this forum.


Sarah - posted on 05/04/2012




My daughter's head has consistantly measured at the 75% since birth, yet her weight and height are both at the 15%. She has nothing wrong with her head, just genetics on my hubby's side (Thanks hon!).

Michelle - posted on 05/04/2012




My 1st one was born with a huge head. He has grown into it more (He's almost 11).

My daughter also has a big head and it was growing a lot faster than the rest of her at the check up's. She doesn't look out of proportion though and she's perfectly happy and healthy (now 2yo).

My husband has a big head so I knew the chances of my daughter having a big head as well was high. I wouldn't worry, when I was taking my daughter for check ups I'm sure they were trying to scare me. They even told me to watch her weight at 12 months!!!! She's not overweight, she's just a bit short :-) I think they also forgot that she's #3 and my other 2 are very healthy and happy so I'm pretty sure I know how to feed them.

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