BIG issues :(

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Im really hoping i can find someone to give advice.
I have a 3 year old girl and i dont know 100% who her bio dad sickens me that i have let this and the man who has brought my daugher up both know there are doubts but we cant bare to find out right at this minute.our daughter is loved so much by both of us and she equally loves us to.the other man in question knows of my daughter and has said he just wants to forget.i do realise a dna is a must but do we do it right now and possibly ruin her whole chchildhood??or do we wait until we feel the time is right and do it then.i jist dont know where to start or go from here :( her d


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Jodi - posted on 03/12/2014




You do a dna test now. you should never lie to a child about who her biological parents are. You don't want her pissed off at you when she is a teenager and figures out she has been lied to her entire life.

Amie - posted on 03/12/2014




If the man you are with is ok with this, why do anything since the other one doesn't care yo be around. I feel when the time is right explain to her. Sounds like the one you are with is a great man and loves her no matter what. Sometimes its best to leave something alone. Just my opinion

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