Big kids

Rebecca - posted on 08/28/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Okay, so I've read through some of the posts that have been "closed". I've got big kids... tall, strong, above average in a lot of ways, kids. I've also got 6 of them, talk about making a scene wherever we go. Having more than 2 kids is enough to cause a stir in America anymore, let alone 6. Anyway, I'm not complaining-- I feel blessed to have such a wonderful family, just painting the picture. The kids are well enough behaved, living in the south, we adhere to the yes ma'm and yes sir and let me hold the door for you stuff as if it were gospel (another non-negotiable here), so it's not like they're running around like hooligans but people do stare... and comment... and whisper. Ah well, that's just the little stuff you get over, my concern is that my 14 yr old son has taken the lead over his older siblings in height and sheer strength. He was measured at the doctors 2 months ago at 6'5" and has now sprouted another half inch and has nearly outgrown his size 15 boots (that I had to order online for him). He's not the usual bottomless pit most boys are but eats quite reasonable portions of good home-cooked meals. He's hardly ever been sick and is curiously strong (has been since he was a bitty baby) even for his size. We have always battled with the expectations of others that he act more his size, not his age, which is difficult. So, now, to the meat of this post, I'm not inclined to worry over his size, however, I would like to have some idea as to when I should start worrying. The doctors don't really have much to say. I'm 5'10" and dad's 6'1". They seem to think that, yes, he's big, but....??? On the lighter side, I wonder if I'm going to have to find another source for footwear for him. Any comments? Encouragement? Sources for reasonably priced boots over size 16 (or classes on how to make some)?

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