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Please help, my 9 years old daughter is always angry with her little brother (3 years) and behaves very bad with him. Of course, he is not an angel too, he tries to hit her from time to time, they fight for toys, he wants always to win in the small family contests, etc. But still I expect a little more tolerance and understanding from her, because she's older...Am I right? How should I behave when they start to fight. I can not stand when she tells me that she hates her brother and that her happy life ended the minute he was born...


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I would not stand for that behavior. My 4.5 year old son knows how to act with his 15 month old sister. He knows that she is little and fighting with her is not acceptable. I told him that if he ever hits her, takes a toy from her or is mean to her regardless of what she did first he will always be wrong and have consequences. She is getting to an age where she has them too but obviously he is old enough to know better and your daughter should be too. Thankfully they get along pretty well but they both get one on one time even if it alternates days.

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At 9 she is more than old enough to understand how she should behave around a small child. This is just pure bad behaviour on her part and jealousy. Try and make time for her only every day where you could do things like a craft or something. She needs to feel that she is special too. When she makes remarks about her brother then be sharpe with her and say that that is really unkind and that you do not want to hear such horrible things again. Send her to her room to contemplate what she is saying. When she is nice towards her brother reward her with lots of praise. Make a big thing of her being older and wiser and try and boost her ego with flattering remarks about what school work she has done and what she has choosen to wear.

Try and think of things to do that will help your daughter feel more grown up like letting her help you make the dinner. After three years your daughter really should of adjusted to the fact that her brother is here to stay. I know little brothers are annoying and she probably puts up with alot. So try not to be to hard on her. But try and encourage the older 9 year old out to tollerate little ones.

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