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My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year now and he thinks of my daughter as his own. My daughter's biological father is a dead beat. doesnt pay child support doesnt work, sees my daughter once a week for supervised visits and so on…my boyfriend doesnt like him and i dont either but my boyfriend fights with me constantly about how he thinks that she would be better off with out her dad and how it will ruin her life and that she will do bad stuff because of him or will run away to his house. I dont think this i believe he should be apart of her life because she loves him..but how do i make my boyfriend realize what i am doing is right??? he says he will blame me if anything happens to her if i keep him in her life please help!!


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Megan - posted on 06/22/2011




Yes her BD has rights to see him too. Sounds like he just wants the easy life and wants him out of the way- its not fair! Your doing an excellent job saying I want BD in her life. Now if BD was abusing your child then Id try everything in my power to document document document! Not sure if you think BD is abusive? How come he is supervised visits? Not good....

Amy - posted on 06/22/2011




Your boyfriend has no say in whether or not bio-dad can see his daughter! I'm assuming if there is supervised visits there is a court order that says he has that right, and if not bio-dad can easily get one. Also if you were to take your daughter away from him you could potentially set yourself up for some very rough teen years and beyond if she thinks you kept her away from her dad. It almost seems as if your boyfriend is trying to control something he has no right to control! You have only been together a year and he's just a boyfriend I would keep my eyes open for other red flags, this may not be the best relationship for you and your daughter!

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