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Janet - posted on 03/11/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have been with my wonderful husband for 3 splendid years. I have 2 kids from a previous relationship & so does he. We have my 2 full time & he has shared custody. We have a wonderful family. Then there is the relentless bio mom that just keeps causing problems. She has made mean hurtful comments about my children, (my son has autism so this really struck a nerve) & It angers me to this day! We had a heated confrontations. She continues to ask my husband for help with various things at her home, she demands- not ask, calls my in laws. 3 days is the longest we went without her contacting my husband for something. Growing up I had a stepmom that was abusive in every way imaginable. I swore if I was to ever be a step mom I would be the best! I didn't see this drama coming. How do I cope & let go of the hurtful things she said? Im very secure & independent. Does this bother her? I love all the kids dearly & they love me, she said that bothers her. Oh dear, oh dear. Lo


Stephanie - posted on 03/11/2014




Hello Janet, I am new to this site and once I finished writing my profile your comment came up.. Firstly sweetheart ((big hug)). I too have a child with autism & we can be very guarded around comments to do with our children. This woman is clearly jealous. And yes you being secure & independent does bother her greatly. Sadly ex wives can be jealous of what they lost, after all she knows why she loved him once, or might still do. Your husband has moved on with you, and is a good father and has to be seen to be nice to his ex for his children's sake. His children should never feel torn between either parent and will see how good a man he is. Now as for her comments to you, it is so hard I know. But your best to try to ignore her, here in Ireland we say revenge is sweet. Revenge for her words would be sweet by you smiling, not letting her make you react to her. She gets pleasure from this. Act like it doesn't bother you when your in her company.. then find a pillow, scream into it, shake your body out... and go on about your day... ignorance is her problem not yours. You know how amazing your family is... ((big hugs))

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