Bio Mom sending kids in small clothes.

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So I'm a step mom of two girls. And the youngest is 5 years old and oldest 10.

The Mom is sending youngest in size 2T and 3T. And she is a size 5/6. This is something that just started happening. I had told my husband in front of the oldest that these clothes are to small. And he had texted her about it and she does not respond. Now she sends her in 2T shorts and underwear.
It's like she thinks it's funny I didn't like it or something?
She is also late 10 min picking up the kids at our meeting location everyday. Today she saw me in the parking lot and smirked at me and drove to the opposite end and txted my husband I was not there. And I had been there for 10 min.

My husband and her have been divorced for 4 years. She is also remarried. My husband and I recently had a baby..6 months ago.

I just want to hear if someone has went through this or how I should handle this because honestly I'm blown away and really don't know what to do.

Thanks :)


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Dove - posted on 05/19/2016




Ignore it and her and let your husband deal w/ it. He can document the ridiculousness to have if it ever needs to go to court.

Other than that... just have proper fitting clothes for the kids at your house and let them change as soon as they get home.

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