Biological father telling 3 year old what to call step dad

Lesley - posted on 05/24/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My grandson is 3. He has nicknames for several people. His dad's girlfriends name is Michelle and he has called her Ellie. He knows a girl named Aurielle and calls her bongo. His step dad's name is Doug and he started calling him Ducky. For quite some time he has been calling him Daddy Duck. His father tells this 3 year old boy that he is Doug. How damaging can this be to this child? Is this a situation to respect his fathers wishes?


Ev - posted on 05/24/2014




I agree with Amanda but I also have to add that if this child's Bio Dad is in the picture then it might hurt his feelings that his son is using Daddy with the name of your spouse. You also need to get imput from your spouse on what he thinks of this nickname the child came up with. Its hard on a child to be told what to call all people in their lives. But if this child were older and Bio Dad did not want the child to call the step father Dad in any way shape or form he has a right to say no to it. He is dad. Your spouse is the step dad and should respect that and you should too.

Amanda - posted on 05/24/2014




If your ex is the only father your child knows, than Yes it's ok. However, I would be cautious of your current spouse's feelings toward the situation.


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