birth control?

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im going for my 6 week check up here soon and i dont kno which birth control to get. what does each one do??


Tiffany - posted on 05/27/2010




All posts have good advice, but didn't ask this question. If you're breastfeeding, then you are limited on what birth control options you can take, so that it doesn't interfere with your supply. I'm currently breastfeeding, and my doctor told me that I couldn't use anything except the mini-Pill, which I've been on for 4-5 months without any problems, besides forgetting to take it at the same time. I haven't had any breakthru bleeding, weight gain, emotional side effects. I do have a daily reminder to take my pill, which has helped, as I've only missed a few doses here & there. I don't worry about getting pregnant yet, as we also use condoms to double protect against pregnancy. Might seem silly, but it works for us. In the past, I've been on Depo-Provera, Seasonique (only get menstrual cycle 4x/yr), and other various birth control pills. With Depo, I did gain a little weight, but the convenience is fantastic, and your doctor's office can administer this.

As another mom said, talk with your doctor, as they are the ones who know your medical history and can recommend the best method for you. Also, if you are breastfeeding, my dr told me that it's common to have a low sex drive, especially until you stop breastfeeding and/or start menstruating again. The low levels of estrogen reduce your drive, and biologically speaking, if you're nursing one, your body doesn't feel it needs to produce a sex drive, as you don't need another child to take care of yet. Good luck, and just remember what works for one doesn't work for all!

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Well, you might have hit the jackpot with me, I have used the pill, the shot, the ring and the Mirena. I was one who could never remember to take the pill, and even taking it a few hours late would be enough time to allow for spotting. No fun at all. The ring can sometimes be a nuisance to get inserted, that was the downfall with it. But it stays in for 3 weeks, you take it out and have your cycle, and then in goes the new one. If you are thinking of getting pregnant again with a year or two, it's a pretty good option. The Mirena (IUD) is wonderful if you don't want to get pregnant again, or want several years in between pregnancies. It's inserted, and you're done! Other than checking every now and then to make sure it's still in place, there's nothing to it. The downfall to this (in case your doctor is like mine was and doesn't tell you this) is that after removal it can take up to a year for fertility to return (this isn't always the case, but it certainly was in mine). The good thing is that I never had a single period while using the Mirena, it was wonderful! The depo shot can cause weight gain, but it's a small amount of weight. I think I put on about 10 lbs., that was it. You get it every three months, it's pretty simple. I never had a period with it, either. Of course, there is a downfall to this, too: you have a two week window in which to get each follow-up dose every three months. The reason this was a hassle for me was because our base clinic only gave the shots two days out of the week, and only for certain hours (10-1 and 3-4, I think it what it was). If you miss your chance in that two-week window, you've got to go through a crap-load of paperwork to be able to start the shot again. I don't know how quick fertility returns, but my last shot was in August 2009, and as of now, I haven't been able to get pregnant, but I know of people who were able to conceive within a few months of being off of it. Even with all of that, my favorite was the Mirena, and 2nd favorite was the shot.

Good luck with choosing one! Hope I offered some insight into the choices!


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I love Mirena. This is my second time on it. If you do have an iud put in i suggest you get a dr who has expierence inserting them. I was the first person my first dr did it on and i ended up bleeding for 3 months straight and it took a little while for her to figure out how to put it in. But after that i was on it for almost 5 years. Took it out to get pregnant again and was pregnant a month later. Also i breastfed on it and had no problems. I just got it again a week ago and my dr this time was great. It took like 5 minutes for the whole thing. And this time i've had no bleeding. I didnt get my period the first time and i'm hoping i dont get it this time either. Its so nice not to have to worry about anything and it only has one hormone in it that i believe just stays in the uterus or a little may go into your bloodstream. But def talk to your dr to see whats best for you and good luck!

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The pill is the most common you take it for 21 days and then stop for 7 days to bleed. The bonus with this method is that you can continue to take the pills and not have a period at all. There are few side effects and it suited me for 20 years. Have a chat with your gp who will advise you on all the methods on offer.

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I used the implanon and thought it was great. It's a little rod that they put into your upper arm. Just a tiny little cut and they insert, it took my local GP 10 minutes to do...I had it in for 2 years and not once did I get a period. It was like heaven!! lol
Weight gain has been a symptom of using the implanon, but not for me. My periods also went back to normal pretty much straight away after it was taken out.

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None. There are too many negative side affects with every single one. I used natural family planning and I never got pregnant when we weren't ready (but we have self restraint), I got pregnant within weeks (once days) of deciding to have another child. My husband felt very impowerd and responsible because we had to make decisions together. Our communication skills grew immensly. No down sides to NFP only up in our case, but then we never saw another life in our family as a bad thing.....

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I have the Mirena and it's been great for birth control, however I have had side effects (some that I was aware I might get and others I wasn't). If you are breastfeeding, keep in mind that the Mirena tends to decrease your supply. They tell you that this is just a slim possibility, but in my subsequent research I've come to find out many women have this problem. It may not affect you if you are the type to have more milk than you need (or if you're formula feeding), but if you're like me and have just enough to feed the baby then you mightn't want to take the chance. For me, my supply dropped just enough to slow my baby's weight gain and by the time he was 6 months I had to start supplementing with formula.

The other side effect that seems quite common, if you're prone to it, is depression. I was hit pretty hard, to the point of having to go on medication for post natal depression. It's only recently I spoke with another mum who had a similar story to mine and told me hers was caused by the Mirena.

Even with all these side effects, I'm not sure I want to remove the Mirena and switch to the pill. I was on the pill before having kids, so I know it works well for me, but my brain isn't the same anymore so trying to remember to take it at the same time every day might be a bit much for me.

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I had the mirena for 3 years had it removed and was pregnant within 3 months of having it removed. I just had it put back in after the birth of my second child and I love it! But like someone else said you should talk to your dr and see what they reccommend.

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im on the shot and i like it - except for the fact that i have no sex drive and i mean NONE. im going to try an IUD now...

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what is the shot called that you get in the arm?
i really dont want to have anymore kids for a couple of years

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The side effect of Depo, is bone lost.

This is really a conversation you should have with your doctor, so he/she can tell you all the side effects of each birth control.

Sam - posted on 05/26/2010




@ jayde
whats the implanon and where do the put it?

yea i didnt plan on getting the pill cus i would never remember to take it
and i heard the depo shot makes you gain weight and i really dont want to gain weight

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I would not recommend the pill. I was all sorts of moody and depressed like while on it. I also lost all desire to even have sex so there was no point for me to be on it. I like the Depo Shot. I didn't have a period and didn't gain weight either. I had a friend that tried it but did gain wieght. So, not sure which is suppose to happen. But, I loved the shot.

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Hey how are you i use an implanon and i find its really good!! I got one the day after i had my little girl and she is 6 months now.. And i havent got a period or put on weight or anything. I dont use the pill anymore cause i fell pregnant on the pill but i do reckon the implanon is the best!!

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