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First of all have control of your life and body. Learn this ladies!!!!!! There isnt any reason why females should have to succomb to popping birth control pill, surgery, tying their tubes, stuffing all kinds of foreign objects in their vagina just to please a man so that he can ejaculate in you. Why does he get off so easy? Nooooooooooo make him wear a condom or you can wear one as well. Nooooo pulling out!!!! Love yourself, build your self esteem. If he asks you are you on the pill ask him do he mind getting his balls(scrotums) snipped. Stay strong ladies!!!!!


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Ladies dont get me wrong, there isnt anything wrong with protecting your self but come on, i mean its not one sided, as we all know theres a lot of guys that dont want to wear a condom at all. So do what you have to do just be careful especially with tying of the tubes you may change your mind and want kids or more kids. As far as the low self esteem that doesnt apply to every female. my apologies.

Amy - posted on 07/20/2013




I'm not succumbing to anything I choose to be on birth control because I AM taking control of my life. I'm the one that would live with the consequences of getting pregnant why wouldn't I choose to protect myself??? And there are failure rates with every birth control so I see nothing wrong with stuffing a foreign object up my vagina and making him wear a condom....

Jodi - posted on 07/20/2013




Wow, a little bitter?

Not sure about you, but I get pleasure out of sex too. Maybe you need to work on that so you don't feel you are just having to "succumb" to birth control just so that he can "ejaculate in you".

And let's face it, taking a pill is not REALLY on par with a vasectomy. I get your point, but choosing to take control of your life and body includes accepting the fact that if something goes wrong, "I" am the one who has to go through with the pregnancy, so I would hardly say choosing to be in charge of birth control means a women doesn't love herself or has low self-esteem.

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