Birthcontrol confusion - what to believe and what not!

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So 15 July 2013 I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. August 1st I went for my depo injection. Due to terrible side effects my new dr decided to put me on Yaz and she told me to use condoms. About 2 weeks later our condom broke and I took the morning after pill just to be safe. When I didn't get my period last month I bought two different home pregnancy test as I was freaking out. Both were negative. When i started the second month, I forgot the pill one morning as well. The nurse told me that I am still safe until 24 October even though I switched because the injection is still in my body. When I went to my old dr due to an infection, he gave me Cipro antibiotics and assured me that it wont cancel out the pill and that its probably the injection that is holding my periods back. Am I still safe at this point? Can I get pregnant? I am so confused as everybody is telling me something different.


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Antibiotics do not "cancel out" the pill, but they do usually greatly reduce the effectiveness of hormonal birth controls (especially pills). Just to be safe, doctors usually recommend taking extra precautions, like wearing a condom, if you are depending on hormonal birth control and need to take antibiotics.

As for missing a pill and still being okay because of the injection, I have no idea on that. Usually, a missed pill won't completely mess up the birth control, but depending on when in your cycle you missed the pill it can increase your chances for getting pregnant pretty significantly. Maybe the lingering injection is enough to tide you over, but I wouldn't chance it.

You can still get pregnant if you are missing periods. It is common to miss periods or have very irregular periods for a few months when switching from one birth control to another.

It is also important to remember that NO birth control is 100% effective. Even if you are taking it perfectly, you can still get pregnant. Birth control doesn't make pregnancy impossible, it just makes it less likely.

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