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I was wondering other parents thoughts on this. I just had a birthday party for my now 10 year old daughter at an entertainment center. Part of the package was bowling, laser tag and pizza and drinks plus a $5.00 arcade gift card for each child. We paid for 13 children.

You would be amazed at the number of children who came up to me asking for more money on their arcade gift card and actually seemed to be mad when I said no.

I also had parents calling me asking if I could transport their child to and from the party-which I could understand if the parents were working...but the ones who called me-two actually said "I don't feel like bringing her" or "I don't have time"

AM I wrong for being upset that parents expect me to transport their children to my daughter's birthday party?

appreciate the feedback!


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You are not wrong at all. Birthday party etiquette has changed so much over the years and it is downright disgusting. At 10 years old, a kid should KNOW better than to ask for more. I can understand if a 6 year old asks, becasue a 6 year old wouldn't know better, At 10 years old, they should. Transporting a friend is a kind gesture *if* and only *if* you have the extra space and are willing to play chauffer service. We did not mind driving 2 neighborhood kids to & from my son's party-had the space and took 2 separate vehicles anyway.

What I find that is even MORE rude is when a non-invited sibling stays for the party and *I* am expected to foot the bill!

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Personally, when I went to my nieces birthday party a few years ago, I was shocked that parents just left their kids there. When I was little, I always remember tons of the kids moms at my parties. It seems more appropriate to stay and help. When did this Change?

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Put it to you this way. If my son attended a party like the one you just described, A) I'd send extra cash for him in case he went over the generous gift card you gave. B) You'd be getting a HUGE thank you for throwing such an awesome party.
As for the transportation thing, I agree with you. Having a party like that is no small endeavor. Did you have to decorate your area? Transport a cake or any food? I can see giving rides to kids of working parents or sick parents or parents who don't have vehicles. But if a parent is just too lazy? Rude.

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Some kids (and parents) seem to feel like everybody is here to serve them, and I think it's best just to politely nip it in the bud without letting it get to you (if you can). I think you were right to say no to the kids when they asked for more money, and I hope you said, "Well, my daughter will miss them." to the parents who felt it was too much work to bring their kids. Hope you had a great time otherwise!

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