Birthday party ideas for a 3yr old boy!

Amy - posted on 08/08/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




Looking for good ideas for a birthday party for my three year old son, either places, themes... fun ideas... anything!


Tiffany - posted on 08/08/2010




I went a way that was cheap, yet still fun. Our local Mcdonalds has an indoor play area, and partys are free as long as you dont bring in food from other places. You can bring in a bought cake but other foods have to be home made. I had it around 2 so that it wouldnt be at any meal time and just had finger foods. Also, being there, if anyone did want to eat, they could simply go buy their lunch. I let everyone know ahead of time, its just finger foods, no meal. That way people would know to either come with money or a full tummy. All the kids loved it. We did it for his 2nd bday with a thomas the train theme, plan on doing our daughters 1st at the local McDonalds with an outdoor play area with a rubber duckie theme cuz hers will be in a few weeks, then my sons 3rd will be in dec and we will be doing it at the same one but with a Disney's Cars theme. He loves that Toe Mater. lol


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Crystal - posted on 08/09/2010




Thomas the Train or Diego od animals. Does he like a super hero? You need to pick a theme first. Sometimes if it's a show then like Nick Jr. they give party ideas. I think my son had a Spiderman party at 3 yr.The place, well that depends on how many people and the price that you can pay. You could always turn your house (a room) into whatever the theme is.

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I hear that alot of fire departments will let you came in for a tour and let the kids climb on the trucks. Give them a call! There's always Chuck-e-cheese and we have a few places that have bounce houses in doors to have parties but those tend to be pricey.

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I guess I should have mentioned its in December... and we are in MN! So outdoors is off limits...

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DOES HE LIKE ANIMALS? My two year old loves animals. She had a cat in the hat party and it was FANTASTIC but a TON of work! I made a cake that was 5 layers (out of gluten free cinnamon roll cakes) and iced with dairy free icing) that looked like the cat's hat :-D and we had all kinds of games and activities at a park and we decorated with all Dr. Suess stuff. She just went to a 3rd birthday party where the mom hired a face painter and we made a bunch of animal headbands and the face painter made each child the animal they wanted to be. We also made tails and then it was Simon's zoo party! The food was delicious too, a wild animal feast with plenty of vegetarian/vegan options as well and his cake was in the shape of his FAVORITE animal! We played zoo games and took lots of cute pictures!

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Place: his favorite park. Makes entertaining his friends a sinch. Or your house.

Theme: his favorite tv program/character/book or even his favorite lovey.

Lovey themes for my kids would be Monkeys (jungle theme) for the eldest, Tigger for the first girl and Elephants for the third.

Donna - posted on 08/08/2010




have you thought about a teddy bears picnic in the park if the weather is nice, the play area is free, all you would need is some blankets for the children to sit on and a picnic, I was lucky when I did one for my children one year and i managed to get teddy shaped crisps ( chips ) teddy shaped biscuits (cookies) although you could make these, and juice in teddy shaped bottles, I also cut the sandwiches with a teddy cookie cutter. All the children had to bring their teddy with them. Hope this helps xx

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Could always hire a bouncy castle if your back garden is big enough! Or soft play (i.e tunnels; ramps; ball pit etc) can be hired at a reasonable price! Nice to have a party at home in the garden as don't have to worry about leaving at a certain time! Having said that, nice not having the mess to clear up!
Organised party's at indoor play areas are nice or hall and Dr Balloon Man....a balloon man is always a big hit with little ones!!!! Could hire someone to face paint too! Good luck!! x

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