Birthday party tips for a second birthday party.

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My son is turning two in about a month and I'm starting to buy things for his party, but unfortunately we have to keep it cheap this year. I decided to do a sports theme because he loves playing and he knows the different types of balls, plus they have the sports theme at the Dollar Store. We are also just doing cake and ice cream (and drinks). There will be 15-20 people at the party and I think the cake/ice cream/drinks will be about 40 dollars. I just spent $21.00 at the Dollar Store and I got the plates/napkins/cups/hats/blowers/gift bags/2 things for the gift bags/2 streamers and 4 other decorations. I thought I did pretty well until I remembered I needed plastic ware and a table cloth. Plus I will need to get balloons.

I also want to do a pinata this year. There will be 8 kids at the party, one 11 year old, 2 3 year old and the rest will be 1 (besides my son who is obviously turning two.) Now my question is, do I spend $18 on getting the pinata that your pull the strings off to let the candy loose or spend $15 and get the one where you hit it? I'm kind of going towards the cheaper one, however with all the young kids I don't know how well that would turn out, so I thought I'd ask for advice.

Also, I only bought 8 noise blowers and 8 party hats. I figured that would go towards the kids, but I want to wear a hat and have a noise blower. (LOL) Now I figure most the kids won't want to wear their hats and won't understand the noise blower, but I was wondering if I should get 8 more of each? (It would be $2.00 to buy that, but I don't want it to go to waste. At his 1st party, the adults did not wear the hats...)

This is also the first year I am doing gift bags. I bought the bags and I bought a little sports themed toy to put in and sports themed lollipops to put in. What other things would be good? I was thinking maybe bubbles and one other thing. That way they can also use the bag to put their pinata candy in.

Also, as far as decorations, I love to decorate, but I just feel like I did not get enough. I have streamers, a birthday banner, a birthday centerpiece and 3 hanging pieces. I was thing about getting a couple more things at a party store, but again, since I am trying to do this cheaply, I thought I'd ask for opinions. (Note, I am no artist or crafts person to make my own.)

As of right now, I have $40.00 left (that I have saved) for the party and like I said, that will probably all go towards the cake and drinks. So if I buy the $18 pinata, I'll still have to buy candy for it (the dollar store) and a couple more things for the gift bags. Plus I'll still need the table cloth and plastic ware.

Thanks for reading this long post and for your advice.

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Hey Jeannette,
It seems quite difficult to manage your budget. The only way you can stick to it is to leave a couple of things. An $18 or even a $15 pinata cannot be accommodated in it. If you have decided to have a pinata game, why not make a pinata at home. You don’t need to be very craft for making it. Step by step instructions can be found on YouTube. You can also convert a hit and smash pinata into a pull-string one at home without spending much. Read this guide for details.

Each child will need one noise maker and one hat, so you already have enough for all the kids attending your party. The adults won’t use them, so there is no need to buy more. Also, I think you have got enough things to put in your favor bags. Toys, lollipops, noisemakers, hats, and candies from the piñata; these are sufficient for the little ones. Also, you can give away the balloon bouquets that you will be using for decorations. This way, kids will have good number of things to carry home. For decorations, just buy matching balloons. Good luck!

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You've already done more for your prep than I've ever done for a party, so my only advice would be to cut back and go simpler. ;)


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