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Heile - posted on 11/30/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son who is 16 months old has suddenly started to bite at daycare, something he has never done at home. Apparently nothing was done to my son that maybe caused him to bite the other child involved in frustration or anger (of course nothing justifies him biting another child) and I was told by the teacher that if this behaviour continues I need to do something about it. My questions is what do I do? My older son has never done this so this completely new to me. My son has only been going to daycare for 3 months, I told them they need to do what they normally do in these situations to make him understand his behavious is unacceptable but if it happens at home what do I do so that a 16 month old can understand biting is not permitted?


Kimberly - posted on 11/30/2011




My daughter was ( still is sometimes) from the get go and it took everything to get her to stop!!! When she used to bit the only thing that would work was to tell her no firmly and put her down in the corner where ever we were for a few minutes then ignore her making her sit there. Once I though enough time had passed I would ask her to come to me and explain that we dont bite and that it really hurt mommy and I didnt like it. I would make her say sorry ( by hugging) and go back to playing. If she bit another child over a toy it would be the same thing but she wouldnt get the toy. I know it sounds harsh but I tried everything else to make her stop. I always talk to her at her level too so she understands. It can take a while to get them out of the habit and my daughter still has to be watched if she is overtired or over excited good luck with it all

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