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Tabby - posted on 11/25/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there shopped at BJ's wholesale club. I got a 60 day trial membership and I wanted to know if the savings were really worth it. Thanks!


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We keep a BJ's membership and it's worth it on some things. Like meat. They usually have great deals on meat packages. Take beef....usually you can get a few sirloins, a roast, some stew meat, and some ground beef for a way discounted price. I grab those, come home and freeze everything. I also love that they have 20 pound bags of flash frozen chicken breasts. I get toilet paper, paper towels some other toiletries. I really don't get things like canned vegetables or butter, eggs or cream cheese because no one needs THAT much at one time lol But in general, if you make a decent sized trip once a month or every few months, it's totally worth the yearly membership fee and pays for itself.

Linay - posted on 11/27/2010




I am a single mother of 4 children and I enjoy shopping at both BJ's and Sams Club in fact being a gold member I received $102.55 cent in bonus rewards and used it for a deep freezer and a few other things it was from the 2% back I have a couple of people on my account so we shop there often they do have good deals at least I think so..... oh yeah and they take coupons which is a plus

Jessica - posted on 11/26/2010




On the price tags it will show you the unit cost. Just compare that with what you would pay at a regular grocery store. Sometimes you're saving, but a lot of times you're not. Like, I bought the gerber graduate puffs for my daughter, 6 for $9.99. I'm pretty sure they go for about $2-3 each so I saved a couple bucks. If you buy formula, and have the formula coupon checks they send in the mail, use them and you definitely save money. They have value size cans of Gerber Good Start for $25. There's also clothes and stuff that you save a lot of money on, I once saw carter's 2-piece sets, regularly $20 for $6!

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It's hit or miss. A lot of times, the prices per unit are the same, just much larger containers. You do have to watch, though, that the per unit price given at BJs (and probably Sam's) is usually for a unit different than what your supermarket shows. If you do all your own math, there is no problem. In my state, the per-unit price is given on the tags (ie $ per pint, quart, pound, etc...). I am used to the tag and thought I was getting great prices until I found out that the units were different:/ If you have time to cruise all the aisles, you'll find the great deals, but for everyday shopping, go where you're most comfortable.

Susan - posted on 11/25/2010




Some things yes and some things no. I think a lot of people think it's bulk so it's automatically cheaper, but not necessarily. You have to really do the math. One nice thing about BJs is they will take manufacturers coupons in addition to their own coupons. They send you a coupon book each month. For instance, they will have a $5 off coupon on a box of Luvs and you find a $1 coupon off Luvs in the newspaper, you can use both on one box. Also, if you buy something and find a coupon the next week, you can bring it back and they'll give you the money. My parents go to Sams Club and they don't let you use manufacturers coupons, just their own. When my daughter was younger, we bought formula and baby food at Sams and it was cheaper, but we just recently joined BJs so I don't know about their prices on that stuff. Go in there during the 60 days and see what kind of stuff you can buy and see if it's worth it. That's how we started too. The other plus with BJs is you don't show your membership card until you check out so even if you didn't have the trial, you could go in there and look around and see if it's worth it. Sams won't let you in without the membership card.

Tabby - posted on 11/25/2010




It's like Sam's Club... they have items you can buy in bulk. I know the diapers are cheaper but I was wondering about the other things...

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