Bleeding after period ended, while trying to conceive.

Momof1 - posted on 11/26/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




kay, so my husband and I have been trying to conceive. I have been off the pill since April. Since being off the pill, my periods have been like this: 28,29,32,30,27 and finally 32 days between periods. My period in August was 32 days and the first day, I had really bad cramps for about an hour. I've never had cramps before. Then along with my period in Sept, I started getting acne the week before. I've also never had any "period like symptoms" with any of my periods. So from that point, I was thinking maybe my body was finally getting rid of all the left over birth control chemicals.

This month, before I got my period, I had pain on my left side. I thought it could implantation pain or ovulation pain. However the pain I had was 21 days into my cycle, so even though I thought it could be ovulation pain, I had doubts. I ended up getting my period 11 days later, 32 days from my last cycle. It lasted 5 days. Then 2 days later, I had some blood, only while I wiped. Saturday I had a little more blood, where I had to wear a pantyliner. Now, 3 days later, I still have some blood while wiping, but not much else. I ended up taking a pregnancy test day 2 of spotting and it came up very faintly as positive. I wasn't sure what to think of that, especially with my period and the very faint line. I took another 2 days later and it came up even fainter, but a positive. Obviously I know the next step should just be going to the doctor, but if I'm not, it would feel like a waste of time and money, but I'm also afraid that if I am/was and am having a miscarriage, I don't really want to go through all the blood tests again. (I had a chemical miscarriage around 2.5 years ago.) So I just don't know if I should wait a couple more days and try another test or what. And if I am pregnant, how far could I possibly be? I had period like bleeding the first month with my first child, but never any blood after that.

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