Blended families and visitations. single parent vs parent with new family

Renae - posted on 10/01/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hello mommys! So I have a ponder/question. I am a step mom going on two years in this blended family. My husband has 2 daughters from his ex wife. Recently he had to change jobs. This job is inconsistent with a schedule. The mother of his children is not very fond of the inconsistency because she feels it is effecting the stability for everyone involved mainly her daughters. We've tried to compromise with her and help her understand that this job is what is paying bills and her child support. But she seems to think this job is out of convenience. I just need some guidance to help my husband go about this with her. A job is a job and not very easy to come by especially in our economy today. I totally understand her concern but I'm just not sure how to go about this.


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Renae - posted on 10/02/2014




Hi dove thank you for your response. I think a mediator will be best in this situation. My husband sees his daughters on a regular basis. He even takes kids to school and picks them up on his visitation. We've just noticed she only creates concern when it interrupts her schedule. And my husband may only misses one visitation per week IF even that. We have set aside many sundays of our free weekend to watch girls while mom worked. Now tables turned a bit and she doesn't like it

Dove - posted on 10/02/2014




As the other ladies have pointed out... it's between the two of them. They both have a valid point and it would probably be in their best interest to talk w/ a mediator... or take it back to court.

Stability for the child/children trumps everything in my eyes. If it's his job that is messing that up it should really be him trying to compromise and make things better for his children.

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He and she need to work it out. She needs to understand the circumstances, and he needs to work out a new schedule. It needs to be done between the two of them and their attorneys.

She has a very valid point, which is why he & she need to meet with their attorneys to get it sorted.

Michelle - posted on 10/02/2014




Really it's between your husband and his ex, the more you try and "help" and get involved the more she may dig her heels in and make things difficult.
Unfortunately the only way to get things sorted out is to go back to court. She is allowed to be concerned about the inconsistent schedule though, it can be hard for the children.

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