Blending the family finally?

Patricia - posted on 09/14/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




So we made it and now comes the "moving in together." A huge step for me and I wasn't sure i was entirely ready however he is an amazing man and very persuasive lol and here I am. I have a 9 year old he is childless. My daughter has these melt downs like you wouldn't believe! Throwing things around in her room acting like a tyrant- man he and fight over this! She does it in public, anytime she doesn't get her way. have I spoiled her? Yes- I had a less than pleasant upbringing and feel guilty for the divorce (she was 5 when we separated). sometimes he makes comments that when "we have kids" or if that were "his" kid but then other times he tells me how much he loves her and wants her to be okay and happy and healthy, we fight about my lack of discipline and erggg lol that explains it. I am a restaurant manager- I often work weird hours and though I hate it I have to support my child the best way I know how. My mother watched her before and these last couple months since he convinced me to move in has it posed an issue. Does he love my child? Yes! Is he ready for this 24-7 parenting I am not so sure- he is offended that I say that. Moving in together meant less reliance on my mom and he knew that but I don't think he got that until now. We fight about my not being there my lack of discipline and every other kid in america has the same issues like divorce and I should quit babying her- I am tired of fighting- I have limited time home I feel like I work all the time and want to love her and not fight with her the time that I am home???

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