Blocked Tear Duct / Eye Infections at 11 Months

Lindsey - posted on 12/04/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )





My little guy was born with what the doctor said was a blocked tear duct. It causes a lot of redness and discharge, and has since he was born. He is now 11 months old and has recently had a series of eye infections, and I can't seem to get any answers from my family doctor. In the beginning, he said they wouldn't intervene until he was six months old. Then at six months, he said they would look at surgery when he turns 9 months. And then at 9 months, he said we could look at it once he turns a year old. I'm a little frustrated. This is causing my usually very happy, smiley little guy a lot of discomfort, and as all of us know, when our babies aren't feeling well, neither are we. I've tried massaging the tear duct, warm compresses (and cold compresses), polysporin eye drops and prescription eyedrops as well. The prescription eyedrops clear up the infection (temporarily) but there is still a lot of discharge. Any suggestions?


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Renae - posted on 12/06/2010




Your baby needs to be referred to a paediatrician, who can then refer you to a paediatric surgeon, who can make the decision that this case warrants surgery. Family doctors sometimes dont know a lot about babies. It sounds like his ducts need to be surgically opened. It is a quick proceedure with little risk, it is usually a day surgery so there is no hospital stay and recovery is quick.

Sara - posted on 12/04/2010




Most blocked tear ducts resolve themselves by the time the baby turns a year old. If you aren't getting satisfactory answers from your doctor at his year appointment, then get a second opinion, especially if it is causing infections. Blocked ducts do look pretty nasty, because our eyes produce mucus when then cannot drain properly because of the blocked duct, but it usually isn't permenantly damaging to their vision. I hope you get answers soon, hope this helps!

Katherine - posted on 12/04/2010




I would think they would intervene because it's obstructing his vision.
If I were you: I'd get another opinion.

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