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Yvette - posted on 03/04/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi I need so advice. my 2 month old baby girl has been pooping blood she is exclusively breastfed I brought her to the er n they say her blood work and ultrasound came back I don't understand why is she bleeding so much? they want me to try soy formula for a week n if she poops normal within that week then I can breast feed again that doesn't make sense to me??has anyone ever heard of this?


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Sarah - posted on 03/04/2016




I found this information:
"More often than not, blood in infant stools is not dangerous and the result of something that can be remedied quite easily. The most common cause is an allergy to dairy, which passes through the mother’s milk to her baby during breastfeeding. Cow’s milk in particular, triggers allergic colitis, which is a fancy name for baby blood in stool caused by a common milk allergy. As long as a mom avoids dairy products for a while, the blood in stools should stop."
So I suspect your doctor thinks your baby is having colitis, have you eliminated dairy from your diet?
Was it the ER doctor who told you to do this or your pediatrician? I personally would not stop breastfeeding unless I had too. That's me- I had to switch to formula for a few days when my youngest was jaundiced and I hated it. If you want more info here is the link to the article I found:

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