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Hi ladies,
this is my second pregnancy and my body is doing so many weird things that didnt occur with my first! I lost my plug at 32 wks and ive been leaking watery mucus since 31 wks. (sorry tmi i know) ive been to labor and delivery twice in the last week due to the leaking and mild contractions. I feel these contractions and the monitor doesnt pick them up. The baby's heart rate has dropped from the 150s at 30 wks to the 130s at 32 wks. I have extreme back pain and pelvic pressure and at times it feels as if something is grinding against my cervix. . . as of a week and a half ago I am 1cm dilated. . . i do not know how effaced because the triage dr referred to my cervix as thick but didnt say how thick and im unsure of the staging because he said "high" which is all good. . . my contractions will be 1-3 minutes apart for a good 3 hours and then tapper off to 30 minutes to an hour apart.
I am curious to know if anyone else has experienced these things early in their 3rd trimester and how long did you carry?


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Desiree - posted on 01/08/2014




I experienced exactly the same thing as you in my third trimester. I went to labor and delivery at least 3 times with what I thought was my water breaking because it was that much leakage and it turned out to be discharge. I was also having contractions and the monitor would barely move when I would feel them. I delivered at 38 weeks by c-section because my blood pressure kept going too high.

Good luck with the baby. He/She will be here before you know it.

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