Bonding with the little one?

Amy - posted on 02/04/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi All! Okay so I am new to this site and I have a little 2 year old boy, who is my world. I am a working mom and I find myself very tired when I get home. I let him play by himself with his toys and books and so fourth but I feel like i am not really spending time with him. I want to bond with him and I just feel like when we play with his toys and stuff he kind of just wants to do it all on his own. I am just in the way.I want to bond with him and am not sure how to do this.. any suggestions??


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Ariana - posted on 02/05/2013




I would say make 'special time' for him every day. It doesn't have to be a long amount of time just 20 minutes a day. Take the 20 minutes to do anything he wants (except for tv or other electronic stuff). So if he's playing with toys sit with him and play with it too, even if he wants to play alone try to either sit and watch and ask him about it. Put on a timer so you know how long it is etc.

I know how you feel, I'm a student and sometimes I get so tired trying to go to school and do homework and have a life and be a mother all at once and it can get pretty tiring. My son also is ok with just playing with his toys etc but the older he gets the more me me me time he wants.

And although it is good to try and keep it around the same time of day it isn't necessary, if you're busy that day and can't do it near the same time just do it later on. Try not to miss to many or it can become a bad habit of I'll do it tomorrow and then you just keep not doing it. We tend to spend a lot of time around our kids but not playing specifically with them doing something they want (as apposed to something we organized or are trying to get them to do).

Good luck to you! Hopefully that will help.

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