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Does anyone know of books for boys about being a teen and growing up and all that fun stuff???


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Tiffinie - posted on 12/27/2008




Judy Blume has a book for teen boys - can't remember the book's name but you could google it. If it's non-fiction you want there is an Usbourne Book about how babies are made that might help some.

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If I'm reading you right, what you're after is more along the lines of a book called "What's Going On Down There?: Answers To Questions Boys Find Hard To Ask" by Karen Gravelle or American Medical Association Boy's Guide to Becoming a Teen

For a little younger (like ages 9 to 12) I'd suggest "What's Happening to Me - Boy's Edition" by Alex Firth

Shelly - posted on 12/26/2008




I recommend the Twillight book series. It is a thick book but a very good story line that will keep a boys attention and it is very popular now due to the movie.

Karen - posted on 12/26/2008




The Dangerous Book For Boys is great for laughs and to remind them that life isn't to be taken too seriously. My son really enjoyed "The HIghest Tide" which I read and loved too. What is your son into? My son is obsessed with sailing and so we bought him "In the Heart of the Sea" and "The Bounty" he has also memorized Chapman's Guide to Seamanship and for Christmas Dad bought him a subscrition to "Wooden Boat Magazine". There are magazines or books for every interest and channeling all of that moody energy into something that they love is the way to go! As far as books about "being a man" my son would rather talk to me so we have tea every week and he gets to talk about anything he wants to and we even sometimes read the alternative newspapers and then discuss what he thinks about what he reads. Keep an open mind and they will trust that you will hear them with an open heart. Teens are ready to be exposed to EVERYTHING so being active in helping them navigate through what is worthy and what is garbage is really important. My son and I are incredibly close and even now that he is a teen, he still holds my hand, kisses me without being embarassed and knows that I am the rock under the ice. The teen years are really fun, have fun with it!

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