Borderline intelligence diagnostic what to do?

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I dont know what to do in our specific case, here it goes........

When my brother was in elementary school he was placed into a learning disability classes, however, one day after my mother attended a ELP meeting at school she was approached by one of his teachers which told her he did not have a problem and to take him immediately out of the program before it ruins his life. My mother was told that the school was earning money for each student that was in this category. The school in fact was located in a poverty stricken area. She did not know what to do and was so enraged that the very following day she took him out of all type of special education and demanded to place him in regular class settings. He obviously did not do well in these classes because they were to advanced for him, so he was put back into special education. He graduated with a standard high school diploma with a math waiver.

We now tested him and he got a IQ score of 77. I'm not sure if he really has borderline intelligence or if its because he never received the education he should have gotten because all the back and forth. My mother always did everything for him because she thought he was mentally disabled. As a result I feel she did not let him develop entirely as a person.

I don't know how to help him now that he is 22, he is becoming dependent on marinara, stays in his room most of the day and becomes more and more depressed and to himself. What should I do? We are looking for career options but I don't want to set him up for failure. How do I know that in fact he does have a disability in his specific case, is there a way to boost his IQ level? My mother does not speak English well and that's why I've always been very involved in my brothers life.

Any advice is good, thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Cheryl - posted on 04/04/2014




First, get him to a psychologist who can do testing. That will give you direction on what you are actually dealing with--just IQ or is there more?

Second, help him find ways to combat the depression. Walking, sunshine, Vitamin D supplements, laughing, etc. You might also check into essential oils and diffusing them in his room or in common areas.

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