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Amanda - posted on 05/09/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi all. well a little about me. i havent worked in years and right now i am working on my bachelors degree in human services. i have an 11 year old and a 9 year old. i also have my nephew who is almost 2. i am engaged and been engaged forever.
im not sure if its emotions because i have had a family death recently and my 1 year mark of being cancer free is coming up...but im an emotional reck.
Here is the thing...i do the same things..over and over everyday. get up...feed kids...get kids to school or daycare...i go to school...make me and hubby lunch...i go back to school. pick up the kids. do with homework..change diapers...make super....put kids to bed. over and over and over every single day. oh and take care of dogs and cat.
im so tired. im emotional and physically drained.
I dont have any friends near me...why? because im too busy being a mom. i cant have friends. the closest friend i have is 2 hours away and she is busy with her kids and hubby too.
i will be cancer free one year on the 13th. a long time family friend died yesterday. and like i said i dont know if its emotions from that or im just mentally and physically done that im about to go crazy. seriously.
even if i ask for help it will last a day or 2.
i get told today...with mothers day coming up...EVERY DAY IS MOTHERS like..WHAT??? if every day were mothers day and i felt specail and loved everyday i wouldnt be busy taking care of everyone else and others would take care of me.
i dont have any family nearby. im overwhelmed and exhausted.
i just wish others wanted to take care of me as much as i take care of them. i feel that the only way they know i am around is because i feed them. other than that i dont feel like i exist in this house.
im so bored and lonely. im so tired of kids being the only contact i have daily. even when my husband is home he is busy working in his shop or at a neighbors house that i dont even see him until super time and then bed time.
i just want to cry.

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