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Heidi - posted on 01/02/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




i know my 2yr old is a little bossy, but when i picked her up from daycare and one of her teachers pointed it out. It hit hard. i dont want a bossy child. how can i stop it getting wrost?


Kate CP - posted on 01/02/2011




Laugh at the teacher. She's a toddler and she's trying to gain control over her own world. You have to pick your battles with your kids. Making everything a power struggle will just result in misery for all.

Jaime - posted on 01/02/2011




I work in the prechool room at my school. Lots of 2 year olds are "bossy". I also have a 2.9 yr old son who can be a little demanding. I assure you that many 2 yr olds display this behavior. I give the children a better choice of words and ask them to repeat what I said. This is hopefully teaching them verbal skills used the "bossy" words to them. Keep it short and simple, but consistant. Speak with the teacher and come up with a plan together to give your child the "nicer" words to use with friends. Good luck...


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Some children are bossy, others are not. Unless it is stopping her from making/ keeping friends I wouldn't be overly concerned, just chalk it up to her personality.

I was a very bossy child (one of my school reports actually described me as a dominating force) but I learnt when it was appropriate and who it was appropriate with, you can work with your daughter to help her learn when she can be bossy e.g. when she is playing mommy's and daddy's and when she cannot e.g. you cannot tell adults what to do (most of the time). It is not necessarily a neagative thing when it comes to her career a little bossiness or assertiveness as I now look at it is extremely helpful :-)

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