Both daughters are pregnant and one of them is jealous of the other...

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The end of October my oldest daughter found out she is pregnant. she is 23, married, and lives in the same town as I do. A little over a week ago my youngest daughter who is 19, not married and just moved 14 hours away about a month ago to live with her boyfriend whom she just met about 2 months ago, also found out she is pregnant. they are due 3 weeks apart and my oldest daughter is very angry. She says it's not fair and she said she did everything right. She got married first, before getting pregnant and she says she doesn't feel special anymore and is afraid that everyone is going to split gifts and attention between her and her sister...... Need advice on how to handle this..


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Jen's got it right, big girl panties indeed. Maybe your daughter just needs a different perspective... she's looking at this the wrong way. She gets to become a mother and an aunt basically at the same time. She's so lucky and doesn't even see that! Having the first grandchild didn't make me special. Being the first grandchild doesn't make my daughter any more special than her future cousins will be.

I got pregnant when I was 19, my older sister and younger brother have been an aunt and uncle for 8 years now... well, in 12 days it will be 8 years. My 29 year old sister and 24 year old brother have yet to make me an aunt, and that's what I am jealous of. Don't get me wrong, I so love being mommy, but I also miss getting the opportunity to "spoil 'em and send 'em home" like my siblings get to do. Your daughter doesn't have to wait a decade to be the super-awesome aunt that I am dying to be. Maybe she should be reminded of that.

My siblings don't have to be strict with my daughter, they don't have to be the enforcer of rules because they don't get to see her often enough for that. So, naturally, she likes them way better than she likes me! lol I have dropped hints that it's my turn to be Aunty Jo, but I'm not a cow about it.


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Tell her to put her big-girl pants on because this is nothing to get personally insulted over. That's silly and immature. Explan that there is no such thing as 'fair' and she should be focusing on her happy news and that precious baby she is carrying. That is what is important, not that her little sister had an accident and is going to need her big sister for support.

That's what families do. They don't have silly fights over something that is already going to be difficult.

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