bottle and breastfeeding

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Is it safe to give formula during the day and breastfeed at night


Angela - posted on 05/07/2013




Why not?

Some "breastfeeding bullies" might disagree but whilst expressing your own milk in order to be able to give a bottle to your child is a good idea, it seems to take a very long time! I found that the electrical pump used in maternity hospitals didn't produce the milk any faster that using a hand pump! I gave my children formula - or rather I prepared formula for other people (their father, a grandparent etc ....) to give them from a bottle when I wasn't going to be around.

I believe strongly in breastfeeding wherever possible but the reality is that

a) some women are unable to do it
b) many women feel uncomfortable about exposing their breasts to feed a baby
c) some women need to return to work at some point after their child's birth
d) some women simply want their body back to themselves after 9 months of pregnancy
e) there are still some individuals in the community who object to babies being fed in front of others
f) some establishments like restaurants etc ... happily allow a mother to formula feed in the public area but insist on breastfeeding mothers doing so in private and provide them with the public toilet in order to feed their child!
g) women feel pressured, not only by pro-breastfeeding advisors but also by pro- formulafeeding enthusiasts. Let each woman make up her own mind!
h) breastfeeding is superior in terms of nutrition, mother/baby bonding and providing your child with your antibodies but no-one should feel shamed into breastfeeding when they're just not comfortable with it.

If you can comfortably express milk in order for your child to be bottle-fed with your own milk then that's great - and it's your best option. But if it would be easier to simply offer formula milk in a bottle, then this isn't a crime.

Good luck making your decision!


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Dove - posted on 05/07/2013




As long as your child is not intolerant to the formula... yes, it is safe. That would not really be a smart path to take if you want to continue to breastfeed though as you will slowly lose your milk supply and be all formula unless you can pump sufficiently throughout the day. That is IF you want to continue breastfeeding, of course.

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