Bottle to Sippy at 18 months

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My Son has been drinking water from hard spout sippy and Playtex straw cup since over 8 months now. We are trying to sop the bottle and it been already 9 days worth of struggle and he has not accepted it. He still get bottle at 5;30 AM in sleep. He was always behind with the nipple level and before he was a year old used to throw up if we switched him to a level higher on nipple. He still drinks from level 3 dr brown which is for 6 to 12 months. when he drinks water from these sippy cups its always few sips at a time and break in between. With milk he won't take 2-3 sips at a time and also we have to chase him all over the place. we have tried the high chair and he it just becomes battle ground best worked when he is playing and we bring the cup he will take couple of sips. he would drink 3-4 ounces at a stretch on bottle and did finish his 8-10 ounces in breaks over half hour. never did bottle on high chair as he never drank all in one go. i am wondering if the flow is too much for him? or it just that he is not willing to accept the cup. At 5:30 AM he will drink 6 ounces at a go in sleep with his Dr brown bottle. Really don't want to go back to bottle. Eventually want to sop 5;30 Am but one battle at a time. Need help to get him to accept the sippy.Will I have to stop giving him bottle at 5:30 AM as well. My only concern is that he can't handle sippy flow in sleep for sure. how long did you keep going before your baby accepted the sippy? He has gone from drinking 21-24 ounces to 6-8 ounces last 9 days.


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First, you need to quit putting him in bed with a bottle and definitely not with a sippy cup.

Second, instead of going back and forth to the sippy cup and bottle, go with one or the other.

This might help.

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