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Hello Moms,
Its been 30 days since i switched my 18 month old from bottle to sippy cup/straw cup. we have tried a few different types of cups and it has been frustrating phase. Finally he has taking to a insulated straw cup but he drinks only get satisfy his thirst and not much. He used to drink 21 ounces and now gone down to 12 per day. its dis-heartening as he used to love the milk in bottle. Have you experienced this? Any tips on getting him to drink more. His Ped told us only to offer milk and no water to get him to drink more for now while he adjusts to the change but he loves water and since we stop giving him often every time he finds even our bottle of water he would go at it like no tomorrow.

Any tips would help, i am not going back to bottle but am sad that taking it away has got him to drink so less.


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Sarah - posted on 07/29/2013




That is normal for kids to drink less when transitioning to the sippy cup. Give it time and he will start drinking more again. Also at his age he only needs about 12 ounces of milk per day. After the age of 1 yrs then foods become the main nutrition and not the milk. Some kids will drink their meals (meaning only drink milk and not eat their food). So your child is doing right what he should be for his age. I agree with your doc. allow him to adjust to the sippy before offering too much water. It takes time for them to adjust to new things.

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