Bottles to fall asleep...HELP

Rachael - posted on 04/09/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 10 mo. old. He absolutely needs a bottle to fall asleep at nap time and at bedtime. I have tried sippy cups.. he uses a sippy cup all day long EXCEPT in bed. He HAS to have his bottle to fall asleep. I fill it with water to avoid tooth decay but he has to have it to fall asleep. He does not use a binky and that is not an option to me. I need help breaking him from the bottle in bed, and having him go to sleep on his own when he is tired. I have tried standing next to his bed and rubbing his head..nope. I have tried bottle before he lays down...nope. I have even tried rocking him to sleep...nope. He HAS to have a bottle in bed to sleep. please HELP me. lol I have tried giving him a sippy in bed with water and shutting the door and he will sit there and scream uncontrollably for 20 min until I go in there and give him a bottle.


Elfrieda - posted on 04/09/2012




Why is that a problem? At 10 months he's just a baby. If he takes water in it, so much the better, now you don't have to worry about tooth decay. It's recommended to wean them off bottles at 12 months, and 2 months is a long time in baby world. I didn't wean my son off his night-time bottle until he was 14 months old, and it wasn't painful because he was ready. (I had tried a few times before with terrible screaming, but when he was ready it was no problem.)

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