Bowel adhesions and future pregnancy.

Maranda - posted on 06/11/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have recently been diagnosed with chronic pain due to adhesions on the outside of my small bowel causing the bowel to connect the wall of the cavity holding them in place. My concern is the risk to my or my future child's health if I were to conceive. I know that obstruction due to bowel adhesions has caused a lot of problems and even death in some cases as far as pregnancy is concerned but it also notes in the articles I read that that is do to delay in diagnosis. So I guess I am wondering if the doctors know about it is it too risky to conceive? The adhesions were caused by some sort of infection and not anything to do at all with my reproductive organs so as of right now I am entirely fertile, no signs of endometriosis what so ever according to all my tests results and there were many. Has anyone had any experience with bowel ashesions and pregnancy? My internest said he could not find anything indicating how my adhesions would affect pregnancy from his medical books. I plan on talking to my gyno but I can't see her for at least a month and although I don't plan on trying to conceive for a few years I am worry wart and any information would be welcome. Thanks!

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