Boyfriend and 3 yr old son have issues. I need help!!!

Elena - posted on 02/04/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Alright, I need help. I have a 3 year old son who's dad isn't in the picture, never really has been. My son and I were living with my parent for majority of his life. I met my boyfriend about two years ago, we have been on and off. My son and him got along VERY well in the beginning and basically excited to see him. (My bf has a 4 year old daughter as we'll) well, we moved in with each other about 4 months ago and things have turned for the worst. My boyfriend was raised a very different way than my son or I have been raised. He was raised with more of a no nonsense whatsoever mentality and I raised my son to talk, naughty chair etc. my bf got yelled at or put in the corner etc. I left my son with my boyfriend once I started to go to work and that's when things changed. My boyfriend started to discipline him the way he saw fit which I was NOT okay with I discussed with him to not discipline my son the way he was and he said okay and since the. HAs changed his way. He talks to my son but is still stern with him when needed. I got news about 4 months ago that my bf and I are expecting a little one of our own! So I need help. My son follows me everywhere. I go to the bathroom he comes if I say no he cries. He doesn't wanna be anywhere near my bf. my bf tries playing with him and my son fusses and says stop but someone else can do the same and my son will play right back. He is so clingy and seems scared but if my boyfriend has changed and everything seems to be better with him why is my son acting this way still? I NEED HELP! it's causing friction between all of us. I just want piece for everyone. I want my son to love my bf and not have my bf feel like my son hates him. Is it because of the new baby and my son feels it or is it that my son remembers how my boyfriend disciplined him? I don't know what it is. I need help. I'm so stressed and I'm trying everything I can. Any advice would help. Thanks so much!!


Megan - posted on 02/04/2014




Three year olds can be quite a challenge. So it might just mainly be your child's phase. This book will give you both an idea of how your child is feeling and why he is reacting It will probably really help. There is a lot of emotional insecurity in a three year old to begin with. Then the changing rules are confusing. He clings to you cause he knows you are safe. Try to play some games where your bf and your son are a team against you. Silly games like tossing stuffed animal in a basket. You keep missing, while bf and son keep scoring... lots of high fives and upbeat chatter about how good their team is. You do all the discipline for a while and let your bf be the one to stick up for your son.

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