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About 7 years ago my boyfriend lost rights to his children ...very long story that Ive been told but the jist of it was Mom was cheating with neighbor and when she left she took everything including the kids. Due to purgery issues in court my boyfriend lost rights due to abandonment ( 30 or 60 days without seeing one of them) . Well long story short he hasnt sen them in years...the youngest may not even know him ; but they do still carry his last name. We recently found out where they are living ( out of state) and he is trying to figure out the best way to approach the ex to try and have some sort of relationship with the kids. I have two kids of my own that I have pretty much raised alone and even though I dont know this lady I have can relate to her in at least a few ways. I want him to see them, I want to as well of course and hes ready for whatever comes along with it. I just don't know what my place is since we are not married. I dont want to overstep my boundaries bc I wasnt there 7 years ago and I feel like I dont have the right to give advice or opinion. ( He has never made me feel this all comes from dealing with my ex's girlfriend and I always feel like she makes comments when she knows nothing about the past ...I dont want to be like that.) Help


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I would just be supportive to your boyfriend in whatever decision he makes. This is his decision. Just because he lost custody doesn't mean that he should lose visitation. I would encourage him to go back to court to obtain visitation rights, and you should support him in that. If he doesn't want to go to court, then support him in that decision as well.

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