boyfriend resentful of my son

Laura - posted on 03/02/2015 ( 9 moms have responded )




My boyfriend of 12 months teases and resents my 5 year old son. He pokes fun at him till he cries the continues to call him a baby when he does cry. If I step in my b/f says im babying him and he needs to fight his own battles. He is 5. Im sick over it. Im finding it hard to fully enjoy either of them. Im worried cause my son made the decision a couple months ago to call him dad. Things were great with them for a month after that and now its back to constant stress. I love my son and I want to leave at times. Other times I worry now ill be taking the only "dad" he knows. I wish id have held off on letting him take that step. Ive talked to him numerous times how in appropriate this is but he says my child needs to change and respect him. Im stuck and feel torn apart inside.


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KeepingupwiththeRobles - posted on 03/05/2015




In just giving good advice and not being judgmental at all.. If I were in your situation I would find the courage deep down inside and to take you and your Son and leave. It is not fair that your Son is being mistreated in any fashion. He is a child and as a Mom it is our duty to protect our children from all harmful things or situations. He does not need a Man like your BF in his life. Not only is he being mistreated he is being taught poor behavior. Best of luck to you and you Son.

Raye - posted on 03/03/2015




You owe it to your son to get out of the relationship and find a man that wants the whole package and will treat both of you with love and kindness.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 03/03/2015




Why are you with this bully? Bullying turns into abusive behaviour!

It's not your child that needs to change, unless your child is an uncontrollable brat that you haven't raised. Sounds as if you've raised the boy just fine, but the man is an asshole who doesn't deserve you, nor does he deserve the privilege of spending time with your son.

Lose him. NOW. When you find the man who's worthy of both of you, you'll know, because he'll fight to have BOTH of you in his life, and will love and treat BOTH of you with respect.

Trisha - posted on 03/03/2015




You will find someone way better than this. Don't settle, especially when your son is at risk of being emotionally damaged forever by this man. It isn't going to get better as your son gets older.

Sarah - posted on 03/03/2015




Um....this is am easy fix. Leave the boyfriend ( should have been left the first time something happened). There are other guys out there you only have one son. Protect your son.

Jodi - posted on 03/03/2015




Your "adult" boyfriend teases your 5 year old? Seriously? Teasing a child until they cry is abuse. I'd be getting the heck out of that relationship.

Michelle - posted on 03/03/2015




Why are you allowing someone to treat your child like that? NO MAN takes precedence over your child. Your job is to protect your child and mental abuse is the worst form (that's what this man is doing to your child).

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