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I met my boyfriend and his daughter over a year ago. At the time his mom was taking care of her because he is a chef and he doesn't come home till 11pm-midnight. I fell in love with him and decided that I want to be a part of his life. His mom moved out and I took responsibility to take care of his daughter. I love her and I want nothing but the best for her. I feed her, take her to school, pick her up, take her to girl's scouts, and many other things. As I said before my boyfriend (her father) works late nights so he is always tired.
I have family and friends telling me that I need to have my own life and just have him find a baby sitter, but I feel like since I have time to take care of her why waste money...
Is it wrong for me to be taking care of her 24/7? Her blood mother barely keeps in contact with her so I feel bad for her and I know she looks up to me as a mother figure. Also, is it wrong for me to get annoyed and frustrated with her sometimes? Any advice will help.

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Eshwar - posted on 10/09/2015




I would like to suggest that maintain distance and find your own world rather than wasting . The llife would be beautiful as it is in our hands moreover it is not social you to be with them or taking care

Michelle - posted on 10/09/2015




If it's working for you then why change it. If you don't want to do it then you move on. It's not up to your family and friends to tell you how to live your life!!! You are an adult and can make your own choices.

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