boyfriends mom taking over! what to do?

Kelsey - posted on 04/23/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




i'm 23 weeks pregnant with a perfectly healthy beautiful baby girl, i live with my boyfriend and his family. and lately his mother has been saying its her baby not mine and when we found out it was a girl she posted it on facebook within a half hour without asking me if i wanted it to be public. she also posted saying she is so excited SHE is finally having a girl its what she's always wanted. and she has been telling my boyfriend and i she wants to put the crib in her room. to me she is crossing the line. she has had 2 kids already this is my first and want to embrace every moment, but i feel like i'm getting my own baby taken from me when she isn't even here yet! how do i mend the situation without starting a war?


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Brittney - posted on 04/23/2012




I can relate, my husband's grandmother had a bassinet in her room and one in the room next to them (we stayed in the basement). She kept buying clothes for HER baby and had everything ready, then to her surprise we moved out and now they rarely get to see her (for other reasons). We had arrangements to move out once our daughter was born. My sister has a big house with an apartment upstairs and we paid rent for Sept 2010 without living there just to keep some things there: baby's crib, changing table, dresser...etc. When I was in the hospital before delivery, she asked me where my car was, I told her and she asked if I wanted to have her drive it to their house and I said no, it needs to go to the apartment.

Just be sure to tell her "no thanks" I agree with Elfrieda, be ready to do things your own way and defend your way. Good luck!!

Elfrieda - posted on 04/23/2012




Be ready to do things your own way, have lots of "No, thanks" and "We've decided to do it this way." answers ready on the tip of your tongue. I'd also start emphasizing the "Grandma" and "granddaughter" part of it. Like if she says "I've always wanted a girl!" then you can say, "And now you'll have a granddaughter!"

For something so blatantly baby-stealing as "I'm keeping the crib in my room", treat it as a joke. Just laugh. You might want to say, "Oh, did you keep your son's crib in your mother-in-law's room? That'd be interesting, hahaha!"

I wish you all the best.

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