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OhJessie - posted on 06/06/2011




Oh, they do - it just never seems like enough to us because boys are more private emotionally and like to work things out on their own. But they love us - enjoy the time he does give you :) My son and I just watched a movie 3 hours long two nights ago and talked about it the whole way through lol - oh, he's 21. You could try telling him you'd like to spend at least a little time with him each day privately, doing something you both like, and see what he says :)

Sherri - posted on 06/06/2011




What age are you talking? Because I have a 14, 12 and 5yr old all boys. They still have time for mom although my oldest is starting to get some independence and would rather talk with friends then always hang with mom and dad anymore. However, we still have our nightly dinners together and do a lot of family activities to maintain the family bond.

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