Boys in skirts?

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I have looked on many websites to help me with this question, if anyone can help me thank you, but at what age should you let a boy start wearing a skirt? Also should one teach a boy the right way to wear skirts like a girl?


Denikka - posted on 03/02/2013




Well, I personally wouldn't have a problem with my little boy wearing a skirt (he's almost 4) At this age, I'd probably keep it confined to inside the house, and later on I wouldn't let him wear one to school (nor would I let my daughter wear a skirt to school, or a dress without leggings)
I've seen more than a couple grown men wearing skirts, mostly in the summer. I have no issue with it at all. My son occasionally wears his sisters dresses around the house for fun.
I think that, barring certain occasional or if the outfit is completely inappropriate (shorts in winter, etc) my kids should have a say in what they wear. If this is your child and he is asking to wear a skirt, I'd let him. Just remind him that there are a lot of situations where a skirt is inappropriate and he'll need to understand that.

You don't mention how old the child is, or whether this is a *for fun* type of thing, or something like a lifestyle choice. If it's just for fun once in a while, I wouldn't stress too much about teach propriety.

As for how to sit appropriately and that sort of thing, I would absolutely teach the same as with a girl, legs proper, etc if my boy wanted to wear skirts a lot, or out in public.

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There is no age when a boy can start wearing a skirt, & they should be thought gust like girls on the right way to wear them.

Elfrieda - posted on 03/02/2013




Well, I was tempted to put my son in a skirt when I was potty training him and the only way he would stay dry is if he had NOTHING on underneath. We were stuck at home for 6 days because I'm pretty sure it's not right to bring a naked toddler to the grocery store or playground. I thought it would be easier if he were a girl and could wear a dress with no underwear underneath. I resisted the temptation.
But no, don't put your boy in a skirt. Just don't. It's not normal. If you really want to, then build a time capsule and fly back to your great-grandparents time when all children wore dresses until they were 4.


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Jodi - posted on 03/02/2013




I'm a bit confused as to why you asked a question, and then answered it yourself.

It would also REALLY help if you let people know what country you are in, and what you mean by your questions, because in most western cultures, boys don't wear skirts unless for ceremonial purposes.

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