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Okay. My 11 yr old son is scheduled to get braces on 7/13/16. I shared this info with others and a friend of mine was telling me she didn't get braces until 13 because of wisdom teeth. Waiting for them to grow in. I guess because the wisdom teeth cause crowding. I am going to call the Dr. Office first thing in the morning a bring up this concern. But wouldn't the dentist take all of this into consideration when deciding he can get braces when ever I am ready? Which is what he told me.
Nate will be 12 in Feb. His braces are suppose to stay on for a year and a half. So if wisdom teeth are suppose to come in by 13 then by the time the braces are to be removed come the wisdoms should be in. Unless they don't grow in all they way. Then they need to be removed. I'm just curious on what all of you think.

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Not the wisdom teeth she is talking about. They do not start coming in until after 17, of at all. Your friend is not a trained dental professional. Sure, ask your questions to the dentist/orthodontist. That is the best way to get the correct answers. Yes, they put braces on young now. It has been proven to be more effective long term.

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Your friend was probably talking about the 12 year molars... I believe wisdom teeth generally come in later than 13. I was lucky enough to never get them though.

I would take the word of the medical professional treating your child (aka the dentist) over the childhood memories of your friend.

My son is only 8, but supposedly he is going to need braces around 7th grade... and he'll be 12. I 'believe 10-14 is a pretty common range of getting braces, but again... I'd listen to the actual dentist treating your actual child.

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