Braless around male housemates? Opinions needed please

Tiana - posted on 09/18/2016 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hey people

Need advice/opinions please

I am studying and currently rent a room in a house that has 3 males. The guy I rent from and his son and another guy who rents the other room.

The issue is, obviously its uncomfortable wearing a bra all day long so most of the time when I'm home, I don't wear a bra.

Admittedly I have a very jelous kind of boyfriend and when he came over the other night and noticed I wasn't wearing a bra, he kinda got pretty upset saying it looked unclassy (he used other words tho)

I explained to him that its quite uncomfortable wearing a bra all day and night but he just doesn't understand because he doesn't have to wear one!

I do have prominent nipples, but I Dont think this really changes the fact that I should be able to be comfortable.

What do you think on the subject?



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Michelle - posted on 09/19/2016




Why not invest in some crop tops. They are comfortable and the girls don't hang as free.
Dove does have a point though, he could be jealous of you just living with other men and this is a good thing to pick on.

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