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I'm 11 and I really need a bra. NEED. I'm too scared to ask. My friend wears one and when she began to develop she asked her mum and she got 3 for Christmas. Well, I'm on the bloomers train and I guess my mum doesn't realise that I need a bra. Once she casually asked me at the mall when she was getting one for herself and I said sure. But she hasn't followed through yet. But I NEED one ASAP. I am very sporty and even a sports bra would do. I guess I'm at the training bra stage. Please leave some helpful suggestions and I will use the best. Thank you vey much.


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u know wht's really cute is the fruit of the loom sports bras u can get in a set of 3 @ walmart or there's ones in the girls section with a little padding tht r really cute;one of my sisters who is grown wears the ones from the girls section becuz she's very slim & only a 32 A.I got her a set of padded ones & they come in polka dot hot pink white black baby pink etc


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Sophie - posted on 01/22/2014




Be honest with your mom. Or a female that your close with. Tell her why you NEED one. I was in the same position a few weeks ago. I found out you have to be honest.

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Hey Sweetie the best advice I can give you is to sit down with your mom and tell her this exact way. I was also 11 when i went threw this and in all honestly it was my mom's friend who bought me my first bra. It's a natural thing nothing to be scared of or embarrassed about , you're a young lady now your mom will understand. Good luck sweetie !

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