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My daughter is almost 14 and refuses to wear a bra. I try to get her to wear one but she won't. I started wearing a training bra when I was 8. I started buckles when I was 10 and by the time I was 11, I had my first underwire bra. She is a bit heavy chested. She says she will never wear one. On Tuesday the principal called me in saying Mackenzie was getting what he thought was unwanted attention. Boys kept saying, and I quote, "I can see your nipples" While she was changing out of her gym uniform, her "friends" kept saying "We'll expose your boobs in the hall later" As she was walking to her next class, boys kept trying to rip of her shirt and slapping her boobs. He said buy her a bra by Monday or he will. So the next day she comes home with the front of her shirt sewn around the back saying " I don't care what happened, I'm not wearing a bra" What should I do?


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Danielle - posted on 05/16/2014




I have tried both things. But the best I was able to do was to wear a tank top with a bra sewn inside. But she is still getting unwanted attention. (Mostly from pervs)

Liz - posted on 05/04/2014




If she's large chested and goes without a bra, she not only risks damage to her breast tissue but will also get to be saggy-chested earlier in her life. If she likes being pert (in the chest at least, heh), then she needs a bra to stay that way.

Michelle - posted on 05/04/2014




Have you explain how a bra supports the breast tissue and prevents tearing? Especially if the breasts are large a lot of damage can be done by not wearing a bra.

Has she told you the reason? I would be getting to the bottom of why she doesn't want to wear one. Not just "I don't want to". There has to be a real reason.

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