Breakfast Ideas For a Picky Eater

Asia - posted on 02/27/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi my daughter is 22 month old and don't want to have a breakfast I tried oats,noodles,semolina,and weetbix but she refuses to eat please suggest some breakfast ideas for my little one thank u


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Lisa - posted on 03/13/2014




How about:
- creamy porridge with dried fruits and a swirl of honey
- boiled egg and toast fingers
- muffins, bagels or toast with cream cheese and jelly
- breakfast quesadilla - tortilla layers with anything she likes - cheese, eggs, tomatoes, ham etc
- fruit and yoghurt smoothies
- rice or corn cereals
- kedgeree
The good thing with these is that even if you do go to the trouble of making it and she doesn't eat it, it's nice food that anyone else will be happy to eat as well.

You could also try an 'around the world' breakfast and try morning meals from lots of different cultures. Croissants? Congee? etc

The other thing is, don't stress too much about having to serve 'breakfast' food. If there's nutritious food that she enjoys eating at lunchtime, you don't need to limit yourself by only serving it between 11-1. Give her some for breakfast - if she eats it then that takes the worry away for you and it also gets her tummy used to having food in the morning.

Best of luck!

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